8 Office Job Stories That’ll Make You Laugh More Than Any Comedy

4 years ago

Working in an office often goes according to certain set of strict rules, but still, there are some situations from time to time that become the favorite stories in the office for years. Requests from clients, harmless pranks — all these things make office life far more enjoyable.

We at Bright Side are always trying to make each other laugh. And, as we’ve found out, we aren’t the only ones. However, some of these people did it unintentionally.

  • I manage a small group of people that make service calls. I recently had a scheduled appointment with a client that my subordinates knew was going to take about an hour (it was an out of office kind of appointment). My client ends up canceling, and I return to the office about 50 minutes ahead of schedule. I walk in to find 2 of my subordinates jousting, using chairs with wheels as horses, and broomstick handles as lances. © rachelyoun / Reddit
  • I’m an IT guy at an office with 50+ people. We have 2 floors in a small office building. It’s an easy job and I even have some spare time. So, once I went to the store and bought some cat food. I put it in the fridge and on the board next to it, I wrote, “Feed the cat twice a day. The food is in the fridge.” About 30 minutes later, 10 people passed by my office whispering, “Here kitty-kitty.” They were looking for a cat that doesn’t exist. © ef1m0v / Pikabu

  • We have a new designer. During lunch, we asked him to tell us what he liked. He said, “I like eating in silence.” © Katarina_Morgan / Twitter

  • One day I went to work and my boss was already in his office. I kid you not, he had his (7th floor) window open and was holding open a bag of peanuts, trying to befriend a pigeon. © MMMLG / Reddit

  • For a while, I worked as an assistant designer.
    Some of the best questions from our clients include:
    — Which shade of brown is more for men?
    — We need a proud office color.
    — Can you find a wardrobe that looks like a crucifix?
    — We have a simple office, so the furniture should look like it’s for a cave.
    — Do you have dark white? © Wizard_Severus / Twitter

  • Our former director had a standard clothing rotation, including always wearing the same sweater on our casual Fridays. The rest of the outfit was pretty standard, tan slacks, and brown dress shoes. I was the team lead with around 25-30 team members. I found a wholesale company that would sell us a nearly identical sweater for $10 each. The next casual Friday, there were 30 something directors walking around wearing the exact same outfit. He brought me a gift the following Monday. © BloodInMySaltStream / Reddit

  • A buddy of mine at work would put fake people in all the bathroom stalls. Shoes, clothing, and the printed faces of people. He locked the stalls after everything was set up one evening. About an hour into the morning the next day, several ladies were gathered outside the restroom whispering about the homeless people in the bathroom. They ended up getting our tall CFO to go in and check it out. He came out laughing. The whole company laughed after we discovered the prank. © Trashy_southerner / Reddit

What funny work stories do you have? Share them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit ef1m0v / Pikabu


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pretty please can we have more humourous tales like this, looking at the difference in stars between now and then can get a tad boring


I loved the story about the guy who dressed the whole company in his bosses clothing style, that's awesome!


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