I Overheard My Husband Asking Our Little Son Not to Tell Me What He Saw, the Truth Hit Me Harder Than Infidelity

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3 weeks ago

Kids oftentimes act like real lie detectors. They can expose so many embarrassing and funny things about their parents, and such cases often become true family legends. But for our today's heroine, everything went very differently. Her husband asked their little son to keep something a secret, and the woman immediately started suspecting the worst.

But when she finally revealed the truth, she wished that her husband had better cheated on her. The shocking revelation came while the woman was looking at her son's photo and noticed a terrifying detail. Since that moment, her life will probably never be the same.

Paige and Mason used to be a truly happy family.

Paige, 35, has written a letter to our editorial and told us her story that shook us with its terrifying twist. The woman wanted to hear our readers' opinions about it. Paige confessed that this situation has become a real trial for both her family life and her feelings for her husband, with whom she'd been happily living for over 10 years.

Paige opened her letter, saying, "Mason and I have had a plenty of pain to overcome during the first years of our union. We couldn't conceive for quite a long time, and then we lived through 4 painful miscarriages.
We've always been a great couple, and we always knew what worked for us and what didn’t. After every miscarriage, my husband assured me that everything would be good eventually, and he always said that if we can't have a baby of our own, we could always consider other options. Mason's words were always so comforting."

Happiness has finally knocked on their door. Paige recalls, "When our long-awaited baby Olaf was welcomed into the world, we were on cloud nine. For both of us, it felt like all those shattered dreams had finally come true. Our son became the center of our lives, and we have instantly put him above everything else, including our careers."

Mason has always been friends with his little son. And they had secrets from mom.

Paige wrote, "I'm a chief executive of a big clothing brand. I need to travel a lot because I'm involved in every step of the product creation. My husband looks after our son. This has never bothered me much, because I always knew that Mason was an amazing father who took great care of Olaf whenever I was away from home.
When Mason turned 4, I realized that he was about to enter pre-school soon, so I decided to limit my work trips in order to be able to spend more time with our little son. Recently, I was away from home for 5 days, and once my work was done, I obviously was eager to get home to my family and give my son a hug. Little did I know that this time would be so different."

Paige recalls, "As I entered, our house was strangely quiet, with some shuffling noises coming from upstairs. Mason was speaking with Olaf, and I overheard him asking the little guy to promise him he won't tell me what he saw while I was away. Our son said that he didn't like secrets, but Mason insisted that he must not tell me because this would make me sad."

The woman wrote, "When I entered the room and asked Mason about what was going on, he replied that this was just 'the men's chat' between him and our son. I immediately suspected my husband's infidelity. But since Mason has always been the perfect husband and father, I tried to convince myself that the conversation I overheard was truly nothing important. I tried to make myself into thinking that this all was about Mason giving Olaf too many sweets or letting him eat junk food, and that’s what they tried to hide from me."

Paige couldn't get rid of the sense of frustration and disbelief about her husband's secrets.

Paige wrote, "No matter how hard I tried to explain this secretive behavior of my husband to myself, I still had this gut feeling that something was totally wrong. I even started thinking of Mason being unfaithful to me, and soon enough my suspicions were big enough to make me anxious."

The woman didn't want to let the thoughts about her husband's infidelity ruin their family life, so she decided to let it go, when another incident happened.

Paige revealed, "While on my work trip, I asked Mason to send me a photo of Olaf playing with a new toy that I bought him recently, which he did. But as long as I looked at the photo of Olaf, the more anxious I got. One detail in that photo made me freeze in shock. Those were blue boots placed behind Olaf's back, and those boots didn't belong to neither of us."

A sudden revelation made the woman regret her whole life.

Paige wrote, "I instantly realized who these shoes belonged to. They were very familiar to me. Mason's brother, Kirk, used to wear them on a daily basis and those were the shoes he used to buy again and again, after the previous pair went out of disposal. He liked this trademark and this particular kind of shoes, I would never confuse them with anything else. As a person who's related to a fashion industry, I have a special eye on such things.
The huge problem was that Kirk was a criminal, and he was in prison. Or so I thought. His shoes on the photo of our child meant he entered our house and had a contact with our little boy. I was scared to death, I rushed home without warning, immediately."

"When I arrived home, I saw Kirk playing with Olaf in our garden. Mason was lying in the hammock, reading a book, and he seemed very peaceful about the unhealthy situation he created with his own hands. I took Olaf, hugged him tight, and my only wish at that moment was to run away. Mason was shocked by my unwanted arrival, he tried to tell me something about the whole situation, but I didn't listen. Kirk was standing beside us and smirking. This looked like a real scene from some bad crime movie.
So, I took my son and left without listening to any explanations. Now I'm living in my parents' house, and I am seriously considering a divorce. What shall I do in this situation?"

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