12 People Who Had to Face Life’s Trickiest Games

5 months ago

Every journey through life is dotted with unexpected twists that manage to astonish us when we least expect them. While some of these surprises inject excitement into our days, breaking the monotony, there are instances when life takes a more serious and profound turn. The stories we share in this article delve into discoveries that completely altered the course of people’s lives, leaving them in a state of disbelief and profound shock.

  • I dated a guy for a couple of months, only to find out that he already had a girlfriend all along. Fast forward 2 years: I move to another city that is around a 2-hour drive away. I’m dating another man, and it’s pretty serious. He talks to me about his new apartment and his new roommate. I ask him if he has any pictures of his roommate because everything he tells me about him (full name, age, the city he’s from) corresponds to the first guy I talked about. He shows me a picture, and yep, he was living with the other cheating individual. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • A friend of mine started seeing this guy we met on a night out. They were really into each other and were going out for a couple of months when she randomly sees him in the street talking to her ex. Not just any ex, the first guy who broke her heart.
    She runs up to them confused, asking how they know each other. They’re BROTHERS.
    © Dionne94 / Reddit
  • My ex-fiancée always accused me of cheating and thought that I was shifty. For years, I had to put up with it. So, how surprising was it to find out SHE cheated on me and used me?
    © TheCatterson / Reddit
  • A customer ordered one of our daily specials and didn’t like it. Instead of complaining to me about the food and letting me offer something else, she complained to my manager about me. This was in May. In August, I was shocked to find out that this woman was actually my college professor for the semester, teaching a management course. She recognized me the first day, but I played it off like I didn’t know her. © ArcanumFish / Reddit
  • I dated a girl for about 1.5 years, and my best friend dated a girl for about the same amount of time. We both broke up with those women around the same time. Now, the two ex-girlfriends are living together in a relationship. © mcflannelman / Reddit
  • I was telling a client about a guy I met during my summers. He had a bad reputation in town because he was caught cheating on his wife more than once and flashed money around like he was rich. He blew all his money trying to develop some property and now was running out of businesses in town who would work with him. She asked his name. It was her fiancé.
    © designg***ess / Reddit
  • I was seeing a guy for a few months, and then he told me he didn’t think he was ready for a serious relationship yet. Three days later only, he posted about his new girlfriend and now they are expecting in November. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • I once went on a date with a girl. She was nice but not really my type, so I did not call her after the first date. One month later, I got a new job. On the first day, I show up at my office, and my boss introduces me to the person who will be training me. Lo and behold, it was this girl. We became friends later, so it wasn’t too bad. © i_rae_shun / Reddit
  • We were gathered at my uncle’s house on their anniversary weekend, and his wife decided right after dinner to play their wedding video for the 25 guests. She called everyone to the back room area, played the tape, and right as she was walking down the aisle, midway down the aisle, it suddenly goes fuzzy.

    Everyone froze in complete shock as the video cuts to a scene of Dale Earnhardt’s funeral. Uncle Joe used that tape to record Dale Earnhardt’s funeral.
    I was the only one who started laughing and felt like I was in a sitcom, but it was real life. © homanisto / Reddit
  • My best friend started talking to me about my ex and my problems with her. I thought he was trying to be sympathetic for the first time in his life and trying to help me overcome my depression! Turns out he was dating her the entire time! © Neil2250 / Reddit
  • I trained a guy a few years ago, and I found out today that he got promoted to a position higher than me. I’ve been trying to get said position for at least 2 years. Good for him, but it makes me feel like a stepping stone in the process. © Zenkikid / Reddit
  • My new partner went to the same tiny college (<4000 students) as my crazy ex, literally across the country. I didn’t know until our first date, and carefully tried to figure out if they knew each other. They didn’t, but if they had, I probably would have bailed. They have a lot of mutual friends, which is how I found out he still tells everyone I’m the crazy one. © hushhushsleepsleep / Reddit

Among the most startling revelations one might face in life is the discovery of a hidden family secret that managed to remain concealed for many years. The stories shared in this article, now brought to light, evoked profound astonishment within the family as the long-kept secrets unfolded.


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