14 People Who Have a Bunch of Reasons to Feel Proud of Their Fathers

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3 years ago

Every kid wants to feel proud of their parents. It doesn’t matter whether the latter are rescuing the whole of humankind or whether they simply aren’t afraid to try something new. The main thing is that they show the right example to their kids. The fathers from our article paint pictures, build houses, and do their work honestly. And their kids couldn’t hold back from bragging about their wonderful dads.

Bright Side is publishing photos of men whose kids are the lucky ones because they can truly feel proud of their parents. The bonus at the end will tell you about the kind stories of fathers who wanted to do their best.

1. “Did my dad really build a coffee shop in the backyard by himself within 3 months? Absolutely.”

2. “My dad getting sprayed down following his final flight after 24 years in the Air Force”

3. “My dad is the strongest human I know. Back to 12 hour days in the ICU a week after his recovery from an illness.”

4. “4 years later my dad finishes his puzzle...”

5. “All of the barbershops were closed so I asked my dad to do my haircut. He is not a barber.”

6. “My dad celebrating Father’s Day and one year sober!”

7. “My 76-year-old dad, who is always busy doing something, painted this mural on the inside of his fence.”

8. “My dad, earning his bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, at 62 years young. He is so happy and I am so proud.”

Good job. I graduated at 40, with a full-time job, 2 little girls at home and a single Mom.


9. “My father-in-law was forced into retirement early, turns out he’s pretty good at art...”

10. “My dad who has no experience making sushi made some for the first time.”

11. “My dad has started sketching to de-stress.”

12. “I would like to share some work done by my dad.”

13. “My dad’s cake, based on my grandfather’s recipe, and it’s tasty as you can tell by its look.”

14. “My dad and his brother got some land in the woods and this has been a little project they worked on.”

Bonus: Stories about a purple surprise and a sly dad

  • I was 14-15 years old. We were going through difficult times, my parents’ salary was always delayed. And finally, something good happened — my dad got his salary and a bonus! At that time, my shoes were completely worn out and my jacket was old too. So my dad went to the market and chose new clothes for me: a jacket, boots, warm tights, a hat, a scarf, and gloves. He returned home and said, “Come, sweetheart, try on your new clothes.”
    The smile of joy disappeared from my face after seeing what he bought. When I saw the last item I was almost crying. All the clothes that he bought were in one color and he was trying his best to make sure that their shade didn’t differ much! It was an eggplant color.
    — Are you teasing me? How is it possible to wear this?! I threw the jacket at my dad and ran away to my room crying.
    My mom came to the room.
    — What an ungrateful person you are! Your father was doing his best!
    Having wiped my tears, I realized that she was probably right. It was obvious that he had chosen all the colors very carefully — he really had done his best. Perhaps he was choosing every item with love. I started to feel ashamed. We didn’t have much money, were eating cheap food, and he managed to buy me a full set of new clothes. I went to him to apologize — they’re just clothes after all. He was sitting in the kitchen and crying! I had never seen his tears.
    — “Daddy, please forgive me! All the clothes are very good! I will wear them! I love you so much!”
    Afterward, he took me to exchange some of the items — just the hat, the scarf, and the gloves. We complemented the purple base with a crimson color. I was so happy. My dad calmed down and was so glad. I kept apologizing to him over and over again. My dad said that he wouldn’t buy anything without me from now on. That was our agreement! © ZlayaKoshatinka / Pikabu

  • My dad has always been strict. That’s why when I got a boyfriend at 17, I would secretly walk with him, and my mom would help me hide it from my father. Yesterday, at our wedding, my dad revealed during his speech that he was well aware of everything from the very first day. He didn’t show it, to keep his image of a strict dad as well as to check out his future son-in-law. Well, those secret meetings were quite romantic after all. © Chamber #6 / Vkontakte

What are you proud of your dad for? Please tell us about it or show it to us in the comments.

Preview photo credit ZlayaKoshatinka / Pikabu


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That's so cool, I think I will go for another degree when I am older too, just for fun :)


Hmmm.. maybe I am too sensitive to cold. Even 26°C feel too cold to me. I don't want to sleep at 19°C


My dad got me bright green trainers once which weren't popular when I was in high school. So I didn't wear them for my race. I came 2nd that day and struggled in my suede shoes lol. I always won usually. Dads are so fashion dense but we love them nevertheless.


My dad was actually my stepdad my mom was married to a very bad guy which was my dad when I was younger I was in & out of the hospital a lot a neighbor told my stepdad & his first wife about us that we were poor their became our adopted grandparents then my stepdad first wife died & my parents got divorced then my mom & stepdad got married the happiest day of our lives my stepdad was a E7 in the army before they married he was retired he had no kids but he married my mom with 4 teenage daughters he treated us like we were his daughters he would go to the store no matter what time it was & no matter what we needed he even got us personally items I was the 3rd daughter we found out he had brain cancer in Oct 1996 I was due to have a baby in Nov he wasn't scared or worried about his brain cancer he & my mom was more worried about me because I took him & my mom to his doc appt I had my baby on Dec 7 my stepdad was in the hospital he talked his doc to let him out but the doc didn't want him to come & see me in my hospital he convinced the doc he wouldn't so the doc let him out my stepdad came to visit me right away he even bought my daughter Christmas gifts we celebrated our last Christmas with my stepdad at their home then he went back to the hospital after Christmas we went to visit him everyday my stepdad never held my niece or nephews when they were newborn but my stepdad insisted on holding my daughter all the time which we let him then he pasted away Jan 28 1997 the night before he past away my mom & I went to say good bye to him he kept pointing to the corner of his hospital room saying the angels are beautiful & that light is so beautiful do you see it my mom kept telling him no dont follow it i whisper to her let him go it is his time to go so we told him go follow the light & the angels I still think & miss him everyday most of the time I still cry for him he was the best dad ever


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