18 Stories That Prove Kindness Makes Every Ending Happy

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When was the last time that you did something nice? It may seem that a good deed requires some special planning or preparation, but in reality, it’s very simple: you can wish someone a good day or buy them a coffee, treat your boss to a homemade lunch, or adopt a stray kitten. And even though it may be just a trifle for you, the other person may remember it for years.

“My local hospital has provided a house for a cat that frequently visits them.”

You can do anything for love.

“My family never remembers my birthday. I haven’t celebrated it since I was little. This is my husband’s first time being home for one.”

“He flew in, in the middle of the night with a pie and a new car for me because he knew it had been a rough day. I love him.”

“My dad has utility workers installing fiber in his neighborhood. He set out a refreshment stand for them.”

If you look at a situation from a different angle, you can see it in a totally different light.

  • Our manager would often eat our food that we brought for lunch. She would just come into the office kitchen and take whatever she wanted. Co-workers were angry at her and said that it wasn’t nice of her to do this.
    And I would just buy her some goodies during the lunch break to cheer her up a bit because I knew that she worked her butt off almost 24/7, was divorced with 2 children, and had 2 mortgages. But she was always positive and optimistic.

“Recently I befriended a neighbor in his eighties whose family all live far away.”

“Today he made me a salad with homemade dressing, peeled pomegranate for me, and gave me chocolate on my way home from work.”

“A restaurant near my house has a mini-fridge on the sidewalk with free meals for anyone who needs one.”

“There was a kitty under the hood of a car at work, and now I’m taking her home.”

“This little dude helped my daughter put her shoes on when his mom and I were talking. This warmed my heart.”

It’s important to remember that there are many good people in this world.

  • I got an SMS saying, “You’ve received 10 cents. I found your wallet, please call me back.” I checked my jacket immediately, and only then realized that I did lose my wallet. So, I called this man, and he said that he found it at a parking lot.
    We met that evening, and I was really amazed about the fact that these good and kind people still existed. Sending an SMS wasn’t the first thing he tried to do. The man tried to ask the guards at the parking lot (they didn’t know anything), googled my name, but this didn’t help either. So, he actually spent a lot of time to return my wallet to me. I tried to give him money, but he flatly refused. © Gan4ik / Pikabu

“This couple has been giving people free coffee at a rest stop in Oregon for over 28 years.”

Sometimes movie-worthy stories can happen in real life.

  • I was coming out of church and saw an old lady who wasn’t dressed for the weather and was crying. I asked her what happened, and she replied that she had given her apartment to her son. He brought his wife and kids, and even though they promised her that she’d be able to keep her room, they just kicked her out and took her things to the dumpster.
    I don’t know what made me do this, but I invited this old lady to spend the night at my place. And it just so happened that she ended up staying with us. I found a mother in her (my own mother never loved me), and she’s become a grandmother to my children.

“A year ago, I went into my junior year of high school homeless and alone. Then I was taken in by a kind older couple.”

“They noticed me sleeping outside their house one night. This is me with them today, going into my senior year!”

You can do a good deed every day.

  • I met paramedics who work in the ambulance at a gas station today and bought coffee for all of them. They were sincerely surprised and happy about this.
    The driver told me that they’d covered 500 miles that day and had 23 patients. Sometimes, they don’t even have a spare minute during the day. Do good, and it will come back to you. © OPCK56rus / Pikabu

“Last week, a special squirrel statue was stolen from in front of my apartment, today someone left this!”

The bus that you wouldn’t mind riding in every day

  • I once came across a bus driver who would say something nice to everyone she gave tickets to, like, “Have a nice journey and a nice day.” If it was a pregnant woman, she’d say, “Be healthy, and let your pregnancy be easy.” To children, she’d say, “Have a nice day at school. Get only As today.” I felt down that day, and this woman gave me hope that everything would be just fine.

“One of my outdoor feral cats is warm and cozy in a heated shelter I built.”

Kindness makes every ending happy.

  • I was on a blind date one time. The dude had ordered food ahead of time for his “roommates.” He left and said he’d be right back because he had to run the food out to them. He never came back.
    I was freaking out a little, and it had been 30 minutes. The waitress came back and asked if everything was okay. I said well, I’m not really sure as I was on a blind date, and he said he was running good out to his roommates and would be right back, but I had a feeling he was not coming back as he wasn’t answering my messages anymore.
    The waitress said that he didn’t pay for the food to go yet either. So I started to worry because this was a super nice restaurant. Like the top of the line. She said, “One minute, I will go talk to my manager.”
    She told me to finish my dinner and get whatever dessert I wanted, and that dinner was on her. I wanted to cry. She said that no one deserved to be treated like that. I was so grateful for her. © Karenae / Quora


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