15 Photos That Will Always Be Hits at Family Dinners

2 years ago

Did you know that we tend to forget our childhood memories while we’re still young? That’s why pictures of our early years are so important for us to look back on and reminisce. Keeping these moments safe is so important, especially for those that you can never recreate again with your loved ones.

We at Bright Side put together a list of pictures that are, for sure, going to become fond memories in people’s family albums.

1. “I woke up and chose chaos — put 2 Simpson’s tattoos from gum wrappers on my forehead and my neck.”

“You can still see the red skin from rubbing so hard.”

2. “This is what happens when you go swimming at −40.”

3. “30 years ago, I peed my pants and went trick-or-treating.”

4. “Apparently, the kids found their way into the bean bag...”

5. “I had that box stuck on my leg for about an hour thinking it would be stuck there for the rest of my life.”

6. “’Um...are you gonna get him out of my kennel?’ And for the record, he put himself there.”

7. “Hide and Seek”

8. “My poor cousin slipping off the chair”

9. “Sledding fail. He was fine, idk how I caught the shot.”

10. “I had the gall to ask him if he wanted to go on the merry-go-round.”

11. “Turns out, it’s not ice cream.”

12. “I rode a dinosaur in my brother’s wedding today.”

13. “Me as a 3yo, eating cocoa powder straight from the package”

14. “Happy... ugggh... Happy Mother’s Day?”

15. “Rainbow + ’Froggy-Froggy’ jumping”

What’s your favorite memory with your family that you still think of? What’s your favorite picture in your family album? Share it with us.

Preview photo credit ButFat / Reddit


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