20 Pictures That Capture the Adventures Almost Every Mom Has to Deal With Every Day

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3 years ago

Motherhood is an experience like no other. Having a baby can fill us with a lifetime of beautiful moments that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. And with the birth of a child, our priorities may change. We may now look at life as a completely different adventure, full of happiness, but also, with a lot of frustration caused by the tantrums of our little ones. But in spite of these things, we will always love them, and we still enjoy their company no matter what.

That’s why Bright Side wants to invite you to take a look at what other moms have to face. You’ll probably realize that others experience the same “adventures” and situations that you live through on a daily basis.

1. “The baby’s room an hour before we left for the hospital and an hour after we got home”

2. “The photos I take of my husband and our baby vs the photos my husband takes of the baby and me — terrible, dude!”

3. “Motherhood is leaving your baby in a swing in the doorway so you can poop.”

4. “Drove 4 hours today just for the doctor to let us know he can hear just fine. He’s just ignoring us.”

5. “When I take photos of hubby and bub compared to when he takes photos of bub and me”

6. “Babies — when they spit on you, but with love”

7. “Motherhood, am I right?”

8. “1-year-old decided 5:30 AM was the perfect time to wake me up to party for an hour, then proceeded to crash in this position and refused to let me move him.”

9. “My husband took this of our new baby. I fell asleep trying to comfort him and he just laid his face on my hand. I love this little guy.”

10. “Turned on the TV to distract him for a couple of minutes so that I could put some laundry away. This is where he decided to stand.”

11. “The difference 2 bookshelves and cleaning up can make — the kids’ toys are in cubes behind closed doors.”

12. “Popsicle sticks stick to wet shower doors/walls/bathtubs. It’s my kid’s current favorite bath toy.”

13. “My 8-week-old sleeping while being held by his grandma — I love him so much!”

14. “We’ve officially hit the ‘never wants to be put down’ milestone.”

15. “Even in the bathroom, there’s no escape! Haha!”

16. “The laundry, bro. It just never ends.”

17. “Dinner on the floor, in front of the TV. She stays focused, eats her whole meal, no fussing or pushing the fork away, no mess to clean up, and so on.”

“Hey, fellow moms who are struggling, do what works for you!!! For me, it’s dinner on the floor, yes, in front of the TV. She stays focused, eats her whole meal, no fussing or pushing the fork away, no mess to clean up, and so on. This may not be for everyone, but it works for me.”

18. “Flip this bowl, baby!”

19. “Pregnancy brain is so real. My daughter’s daycare lady sent me this. I’m so embarrassed.”

20. “I’ve been stress-cleaning all day, but the sight of my daughter sitting on the couch with her Bert and papaya took some of the stress away!”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen a mother do to keep her kids happy? What’s the weirdest thing you or your mom have done to keep restless kids quiet and happy for a while?

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why would the mom feel embarrassed? Because wrong shoes side? just that?

2 years ago
Oops. We didn't mean to delete it. It just happened.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you, bc Man have l been in the same shoes as a lot of you....lol
l'm now nanny to my Granddaughter as l have also helped to raise her, she's now 7...my son 33..hehehe. Things he used to joke about me doing, he has done as a single dad. Yes my Granddaughters mother Left of her own volition when she was 2 mths old and came back when she was 5 yrs old and expected everything handed to her. The system gave my son Nothing, he and l have raised my Granddaughter together and l am SO Proud of him, she is an absolute blessing.

Some moms feel embarrassed in different situations, but others forget what it is to be human and try to judge mums and dads which is damned wrong. Sometimes in life mums when you go out and there's either an accident, tantrum or sometimes else happening and you feel Those Looks coming at you, what l used to at times almost yell out was : Well as long as no one needs an Ambulance we're good, start laughing, pick the kids up and with your held high just leave with a smile on your face.
Just remember, you've done nothing wrong and sometimes it's kind of like the day has just attacked you.
Plus when you are sleep deprived getting through the day is like climbing a bloody Mountain.


One of them makes me feel sad for that child. It’s your Mission as a mother (or father) to bear the displeasure of your child and teach them to focus on ONE subject at a time anyway. If you just want your Peace of mind, don’t get children.


I was friends with a chick when she gave birth 2 her 2nd child. How she feed her daughter was put a cushion or a pillow under her bottle and feed her daughter that way


You tiyp fast like what you tiyp like so Much oh that’s cool 20 picture 🙂🙂🙂😃 But still you did that like two days I’m surprised or am i


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