My Dad Is Furious That My Mom Dated Other People in an Open Marriage He Wanted

5 months ago

Imagine that your spouse would suddenly suggest you to have a polyamorous marriage. That would mean both of you would be open to any kind of romantic relationship. Not many people might agree to such extraordinary suggestion.

Our today’s heroine is a woman, whose mom never wanted an open marriage, but was forced to such a relationship by her husband. And now seems like he’s getting a bitter boomerang instead of enjoying desired freedom.

The OP’s mom has always been a devoted wife.

A woman under a nickname ThrowAway_chosen has posted in one of the Reddit communities to tell her family story that caused many reactions from the users. She started her post with introducing her parents to the audience, for better understanding of their family background.

The woman wrote that her parents got married when they were super young. Their parents were the people who married them off. The woman’s grandfather was able to set up some business for her dad in a big city, and they moved here soon after her birth.

The woman’s mom grew up in a conservative southern town, where she was taught to be a submissive wife. And even after moving to the big city, she didn’t spend much time socializing. As the OP recalls, her mom had no friends and never went out. The OP’s dad was only there to provide for the family. He was always away on business, and he wasn’t there as a husband for the woman’s mom or as a father to her.

There was some special kind of relationship between a mother and a daughter.

The woman goes on with her story, saying that her mom often was very lonely. The OP’s dad made a lot of money, so the family never lacked anything. Growing up, the woman became her mom’s best friend. She recalls that they would talk about everything.

She pushed her mom to make friends and to find hobbies. After years of pushing, her mother started going to a nearby park and made her first friend, a gym trainer. Encouraged by her friend and her daughter, she decided to join the gym.

The woman confessed that though her mom met a few more people there and started having some semblance of a social life, she still continued to tell her everything.

The woman’s dad came up with a shocking suggestion.

The woman thinks that her dad’s new secretary gave him the idea, but one day he asked his wife for an “open marriage”. He told her he wasn’t happy in their marriage and that she wasn’t providing him with everything he wanted. The woman writes, “My mom was mortified and told me about the proposal in tears. I suggested she get a divorce, but she said she didn’t believe in it and she wouldn’t be the one to end their marriage.”

As the woman’s dad pushed, she knew exactly where this would end up if her mom agreed. Her friend and the OP finally convinced her. The OP’s mom was hesitant at first, but she agreed with the condition that they would be completely transparent with each other.

The woman explains further, writing, “My dad was a middle-aged (41) man with a belly and my mom (39) was an athletic woman who worked out regularly. I’m a 22 yo woman, btw. I don’t know how my dad was so blind or what he thought would happen. I helped create online dating profiles for my mom almost six months ago.”

After getting an insane number of matches, choosing from them and chatting with them for months, the woman’s mom started dating a few people. Getting all this attention has provided a massive boost to her confidence and she seemed even better.

The man is now angry, as he didn’t expect such a turn after his proposal.

The woman revealed that her dad started dating his secretary almost immediately. He’s had very little luck with other ladies. With their transparency thing, her mom told him about all her dates. A few weeks ago, the woman’s dad screamed at her mom for some minor thing. Usually, her mom would’ve apologized, but with her new confidence, she didn’t back down.

The OP wrote that it’s been constant fights the last few weeks. Her dad keeps starting fights by making snide remarks about her mom’s clothing or appearance. He almost even called her mom bad names but stopped himself. The woman’s mom told her he tried to have a conversation about stopping their “open marriage” but she immediately shot it down. And now she thinks they’ll split up.

The woman ends her post, saying, “My dad was never there for either of us, but the thought of my parents splitting up still feels weird. I don’t feel bad for my dad, but I wish he put effort into his family. I’m happy for my mom, though.”

And here’s a story about a celebrity family of Will Smith and his wife, who had been thriving in their polyamorous marriage at some point.

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