12 Life Stories From Women With a Great Sense of Humor

4 years ago

Women have a great sense of humor. Women, unlike men, are great at picking up on the smallest details and finding something fascinating in the things that men don’t even notice. And then, they tell everyone about their discoveries with humor and irony.

We at Bright Side have always loved reading these kinds of posts online, so we couldn’t help but make a compilation of the most popular ones for you to enjoy.

  • My flip-flop made a farting noise near a hot guy, so now I have to follow him around the store until it happens again and I can say, “haha, dumb flip-flop.” © eff_yeah_steph / Twitter

  • Work friends are so funny because, like, do we see each other outside of work? Almost never. But do I know your financial situation? Have I seen you in every mood imaginable? Do I know all your deepest darkest secrets? Oh, yeah. © sophiapags / Twitter

  • I tried to find out what my boyfriend would get me for our anniversary and he finally told me that it was something round that I’ve wanted for a long time. I was happy because I thought it was a ring, I wanted to marry him. I come home and I see A BASKETBALL HOOP WRAPPED IN RIBBONS!!! © “Overheard” / VK

  • The worst part about parallel parking is the witnesses. © hellasettled / Twitter

  • Yesterday, a girl walked into class with an iced coffee and my professor told her she couldn’t have it, so she just walked out and never came back, and I can’t stop thinking about it. © rachelhelenw / Twitter

  • At home, we have cups with animals: sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs. When I make tea for my sister and myself, I yell at her, “What are you today?” and she says something like, “A pig!” © “Overheard” / VK

  • Good morning to everyone, but especially the woman in the crosswalk on my way to work who didn’t like that someone honked at her to hurry, so she just stopped and did a couple jumping jacks. © kristen_arnett / Twitter

  • A man in the subway tried to hit on me by coming up behind me, very close, and saying in my ear, “You think the train’s going to be late?” but I’d just had dental work done, so I turned around and slurred, “No idea,” while blood poured out of my mouth. I wish I could do this all the time. © clhubes / Twitter

  • I regret the plans I made while I was in a 5-minute extroverted mood. © INFJthings / Twitter

  • I’ve always wanted to run and jump onto a big bed. And I’ve always had a couch. I was staying at my boyfriend’s and I saw a bed. I ran, jumped, and... broke the base of the bed. We had to sleep on the floor. © Overheard / VK

  • For what reason does every apartment complex have a dog weight limit of 20 pounds? I can promise you that my 90-pound Golden Retriever is a lot better behaved than Karen’s 7-pound devil-worshipping chihuahua creature. © ryleemoser / Twitter

  • I once lost my ex at a party and found him hooking up with another girl in the next room. Last night, I lost my boyfriend at a party and found him alone, eating buffalo chicken dip straight out of the crockpot. Progress. © cassygoble / Twitter

Dear readers, do you have a blog where you write down your thoughts? Do you have a story that would fit this compilation perfectly?

Preview photo credit cassygoble / Twitter


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