16 People That Found Photos With Celebrities in Their Albums

11 months ago

Many people dream of meeting a celebrity. When it finally happens, some start asking for a photo, while others just want an autograph. And some people will be satisfied if a famous person just smiles at them. The people from our compilation are really lucky! They got to meet Elvis, Chuck Norris, and Robin Williams.

Bright Side has looked through these photos from internet users and found the most interesting photos of celebrities.

“My dad with David Bowie on vacation in Greece, 1988”

“My stepdad did the all the flight rigging for Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies. He’s 70 this year and still going, strong as an ox. This is him with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.”

“One time I saw Samuel L. Jackson at an airport and he saw me and my cousin hovering around trying to work up the courage to ask him for a photo and then he came over to us and said, ‘Y’all want a photo?’”

“In 1983, I was chosen along with 3 other students to interview Ozzy Osbourne for Newsday/Kidsday newspaper in NYC.”

“I was lucky enough to pull over Al Pacino.”

“My grandfather (right) with Elvis Presley (left) in post-war Germany, late 1950s”

“My uncle photobombing Jimmy Carter, 1980”

“My roommate’s mom dated James Gandolfini for a while in the 1980s.”

“Mid-to-late 1970s, my dad graduating from a class taught by Chuck Norris”

“My girlfriend’s mom met Al Pacino.”

“Shaquille O’Neal lifting me up by the neck (realistically, my arm) 15 minutes prior to playing a game of football with him”

“My cool mom partying with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in LA in 1982”

“My grandmother was an interpreter for Chuck Norris”

“My mom interviewing Mick Jagger and Brian Jones for Tiger Beat Magazine in the late 1960s”

“My grandfather with Elvis Presley”

“My grandma always used to tell us about this kid that would sing at the resort on her vacations in Hawaii. Turns out that kid was Bruno Mars. 1990”

What celebrities have you or someone you know met? Do you have photos?

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I wish I had a picture with a celebrity in my album.. would be cool to show off to all my friends


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