16 People Who Blossomed Into Beautiful Swans After Their Teenage Years Had Passed

2 years ago

Nature is very picky sometimes. It makes some people attractive from birth, others become attractive with age, and there are those who have to work hard to make themselves beautiful. The heroes of our article had to go through ups and downs, but found their glow in the end.

At Bright Side, we love these kinds of stories and are delighted by those who blossomed into beautiful swans.

What a 10-year difference can do

  • I would have never expected that last photo after seeing the first photo. You used to be a dorky
    and cute boy and became a Greek god. © TheMeerrettich / Reddit

“I grew teeth, cut my hair, and grew a beard, all in that order.”

  • I raised up to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. You’re really handsome! © kymmnosal / Reddit

Harry Potter in childhood, and a gorgeous woman in adulthood

“Not washing your face with the same loofa you use to wash your body can really do wonders.”

“I’m 17 in the top 2 photos and 23 in the bottom 2.”

“14 to 24 — I was bullied a lot as a kid.”

“21 vs 31 years old”

“19 vs 25 years old”

“16 to 32 — beards are magic.”

Haircuts matter, 16 vs 21.

“About a decade apart, 13 and 22.”

“Ages 16-25, I was always picked on when I was younger!”

“Ages 10 and 19 — it has been quite a journey for me.”

“17 vs 30”

“13 and 23 years old — I lost the glasses, still have the coat though.”

“Just take off your glasses! 13 vs 21 years old...”

Did you change a lot after getting older? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit _gabi2g / Reddit


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