My Best Friend of 20 Years Invited Me to Her Wedding, and It Was the Worst Day of My Life

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Some friendships last for decades and even for a lifetime, while other seemingly strong bonds may get ruined in a second. Our today’s heroine is a woman, 34, who was shaken by the attitude that her best friend of over 20 years has demonstrated during her special day. The woman wrote a letter to our editorial, and we could feel how she wanted to cry while telling us her story.

The friendship between two women seemed to be very solid.

Alyson, 34, has recently sent a letter to our editorial, telling us about a heart-wrenching experience in her relationship with her childhood best friend, Miranda, 35. She began her story, saying, «My childhood best friend got married last weekend. I was so excited and delighted to be there to support her on her big day. Trashy things in our relationship started happening immediately.»

Alyson goes on, saying, «Right after Miranda asked me to be her bridesmaid, she said that she would make me dress in a ’girly’ way. She made a list of requirements, that included a dress, heels, growing my hair to at least bob length. And I was supposed to dye my hair and get a tan. And what was the worst for me, that I definitely had to use body make up to cover my tattoos.»

Alyson explained why this all was a problem for her from the start. She wrote, «Since my teenage years, I have always been an absolute tomboy. I’ve always been feeling deeply uncomfortable wearing dresses and heels and makeup. But that was my best friend’s big day, so I offered to do all except grow my hair.» Then, Miranda told Alyson that she’d still be invited to her wedding, but that she won’t be a bridesmaid anymore, to which Alyson agreed, though she was feeling totally bad about this all already.

Things were getting worse from that point, and Alyson was getting annoyed.

Alyson goes on with her story, saying, «I’m a chocolatier, so Miranda asked me if I could make the wedding favors and take full care of a dessert table. Though our relationship had been pretty much spoiled by her requirements to my appearance and the fact that she had reconsidered me being her bridesmaid, I was ecstatic to help her with everything. I went above and beyond to create an absolutely amazing table that was a tremendous hit of the day.»

Things, however, weren’t getting any better in Miranda’s attitude to Alyson. The woman shared, «She then told me that the wedding was approaching to the point where it would become over-budget and Miranda wanted to keep costs low. So, she said that my husband was not invited. I was fuming, but she was my best friend, and we’ve been through many things together. I thought it all was the result of her pre-wedding stress, so I was extremely understanding and even reduced my rates for the table I arranged as my personal present to the couple.»

The unfriendly attitude of the best friend didn’t stop at that crucial point.

Alyson wrote, «A month later, after reviewing the guest list, Miranda told me that my husband could still come with me, but if he did, I would be moved away from the head table.» Alyson shared that her husband is actually a wedding photographer, and he was eager to build his videography portfolio. They knew that Miranda and her husband-to-be didn’t have a videographer.

Alyson’s husband then offered them to film a professional wedding video for them, and he was going to do that free of charge. The woman shared, «Miranda was ecstatic, and she suggested she would move us to the vendor table so that we could cooperate with the other vendors. We really liked the idea, and it was agreed that we would be sitting with the vendors.»

Then, things took a totally unhealthy turn. Alyson wrote, «The day of the wedding, my husband and I arrived 4 hours early to help with the event. He spent the time filming while I was arranging the dessert table. After the ceremony, guests were moved to the party room and the original room was converted into the place for the reception. While helping with converting the room, I was thunderstruck to discover that my best friend actually didn’t add our names on the seating list.»

There appeared to be no vendor table and Alyson with her husband had to sit in a separate room as they were not on the list. That separate room was closed off from the reception, they couldn’t hear or see anything, and couldn’t even talk to anybody.

Alyson is extremely hurt about the whole situation.

Alyson said, «After we were suggested to sit in a separate room, I approached Miranda to explain the situation. She said that it was some mix-up. I understand it all, but Miranda didn’t do anything to get us moved to the main room. We were just cut off from the reception. I missed the whole wedding and spent the majority of the evening sobbing in the bathroom. My husband continued to film everything, he wanted to get a beautiful video for them.»

Alyson closed her letter saying, «After the whole situation, I texted Miranda and told her about my feelings. She started to apologize and explained she was scatterbrained during that day. She said she felt extremely guilty and wanted still to remain friends. And the only wish I have now is to never ever see her in my life again.»

Advice from Bright Side

We’re very grateful to Alyson for sharing her story with us, and we think that her feelings would be understood by many people.

Our advice to the woman would be as simple as to do nothing about the situation. We think that Alyson has done enough for her friend already, and she has shown a true commitment to their friendship, appearing to be a real friend.

But Miranda was acting in a wrong way, so Alyson has nothing to apologize for, and it’s her right to cut all ties with Miranda after this incident. Even if the two women restore their communication, we’d advise Alyson to keep the certain boundaries between her and Miranda in the future and to never treat Miranda as an absolute friend of hers.

And here’s a story from a woman, whose feelings were meant to be hurt by her neighbor. But she didn’t let frustration take over her, and got back to an offender with a petty revenge.

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She is making the right choice...NEVER speak to her again! What a vile cow!!


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