I’m Not Going to Share a Huge Inheritance With My Family

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6 months ago

Last year, my grandfather passed away, and the situation with the inheritance became quite complex. I’m Benjamin, 33 years old, and my grandfather left me the majority of his estate — this includes an upscale house valued at over $890K, along with cash and other valuable assets amounting to more than $250K.

So, grandpa didn’t leave anything to my father and brother.

Here’s an exciting twist: my grandfather didn’t leave anything for my 67-year-old dad, Mark, and my 41-year-old brother, James. Cue family drama! The reason behind this traces back to the history between my dad and grandpa. They had a major falling out when my dad married my mom, Catherine, during their university days.

Grandpa John wasn’t supportive of the marriage, leading to him severing ties with my dad. Consequently, my grandparents never had the chance to meet my brother and me until after Grandpa passed away.

In the days following Grandpa John’s funeral, we found ourselves seated with a lawyer, unraveling the intricacies of the inheritance. Shockingly, Grandpa John had divided it into thirds — allocating two parts for his daughters and the remaining one for me, essentially bypassing my dad’s share. Dad was understandably furious.

A letter from my grandpa changed everything.

The lawyer who works for our family gave me a letter from my late grandpa John. He wrote it a year before he passed away. In the letter, he tells a big secret: my dad isn’t actually James’s biological father. When my mom met my dad, she was expecting James, which confused and upset Grandpa John a lot. Because of this, he stopped considering my dad as part of the family, and they never fixed things between them. I was very surprised when I found out and talked to my parents about it. They confirmed that what Grandpa had written was true.

The letter I received from Grandpa John hints at a chance to make amends. He regretted his choices and hoped that knowing the truth would bring our family closer together. The problem is that my dad has no idea about this, and I feel stuck in the middle. I’m torn between telling him the truth or keeping it to myself. On top of that, the whole issue of inheritance causes tension. My family thinks I’m being selfish for not wanting to share, but it’s much more complicated than that. I’m not sure what the right thing to do is. How can I handle this without causing a huge family rift?

Advice from Bright Side

Managing all the family matters and dealing with the inheritance can be overwhelming. First and foremost, take a moment to relax and let all the information settle in your mind. Discovering the truth about your father and the tangled inheritance situation is a big deal, so giving yourself space to process it all is essential.

Being honest within a family is important, but it can also be tricky. When you decide to tell your dad about your brother’s biological father, make sure you’re emotionally prepared. Choose a suitable time to discuss it so it doesn’t cause chaos. Consider seeking help from a family therapist for this conversation. A professional can assist in keeping things calm and ensure everyone can express themselves without escalating it into a major argument.

Let’s talk about the inheritance.

Take a moment to determine what holds importance for you. While withholding the money from your dad and brother might seem like the right decision initially, consider the bigger picture. Does this choice align with the kind of person you aspire to be and the family dynamics you aim for in the future? Consider whether this decision resonates with your values and the type of relationships you want within your family.

Have a conversation with your dad before making any decisions regarding the money. Be honest with him about why you’re feeling uncertain about sharing the inheritance. Let him express his thoughts and feelings about the situation, too. It might be a difficult discussion, but it’s necessary for everything to become clearer and for both sides to understand each other better.

Prepare yourself for intense emotions. Family situations can get complicated, and this revelation might stir things up. Others’ve gone through similar experiences and have shared their own stories of discovering difficult family secrets. They’ve also discussed how they managed and coped with such situations.


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