20 Bright Siders Share Stories That Prove Children Live to Tell the Truth to Anyone They Meet

There is not the slightest doubt that we were all children once, but there is a big difference between that and remembering those early years. Precisely for that reason, it is not uncommon to feel the blush rise to our cheeks and white smoke come out of our ears every time one of our beloved children comes up with a witty comeback. We continue walking while we draw a nervous smile on our face, trying to hide the embarrassment of the situation.

At Bright Side, we are fans of children’s witticisms, which show us that naivety is still a wonderful thing. That’s why we went looking for some anecdotes that our readers shared with us and made this compilation.

  • When my son misbehaves, I often say, “Stop it, dear, why don’t you behave?” and he will answer: “I would like to behave, but my body just won’t let me.” © Gabriel Pineda / Facebook
  • We were on a bus with my 3-year-old daughter. A man got on and sat next to me.
    Ivy: Mom, is that man your boyfriend?
    K: No, he’s not my boyfriend.
    Ivy: Then who is your boyfriend?
    K: My boyfriend is your dad.
    Ivy: No, my dad has another girlfriend, you’re not his girlfriend.
    K: And who is that girlfriend?
    Ivy: My Aunt Annie. Really, she’s his girlfriend. Oh, Mom, I’m always teasing you!
    Annie is my twin sister. © Karito C. Vacalla Malaverry / Facebook
  • My son was 4 years old and learning to read. One day he was practicing with the story of The 3 Little Pigs. When he finished, his father asked him: “What did you understand? What lesson does this fable teach us? He answered: “That it is very difficult to eat pigs, I don’t think I will eat that anymore.” © Astrid Maritza Vega R / Facebook
  • One day, watching a historical movie where they used scrolls, my nephew asked me if that’s what my school books were like. © Josefina Diez / Facebook
  • Once, when my boy was 7 years old, the teacher asked a question in class. He raised his hand to answer, very happy and sure of his answer. The question was, “Where does milk come from?” My child answered, “Oh, teacher! Well, from the refrigerator.” I know this because the teacher told it to me while laughing. © Kenia Vazdo / Facebook
  • When my son was very young, we went to the beach one day, and when he had been in the water with his dad for a while, he asked, “Daddy, where’s the stopper?” © Conchi Torres Montero / Facebook
  • One day, my youngest daughter was playing with her older sister and 2 of her cousins. They started talking about what they would do when they grew up. I laughed a lot because they all said very convincingly: “I will get married and have a lot of children.” But my youngest daughter, very angrily, answered them: “And why should I get married? Don’t you see that when people get married other women come and steal their husbands? So I won’t even get married.” © Yessica Torres / Facebook
  • My daughter was telling me: “I am never going to get married so I can take care of you when you are old and no one will treat you badly.” Listening to her made me cry. I have 4 boys and her. She was the first one to get married. Today she laughs at her innocence. © Ínes Viéipra / Facebook
  • My daughter said to me one day, “Mommy, when I grow up, I’m going to have 4 children. 2 I will give to you and 2 I will keep.” © Gonzalez Silvia / Facebook
  • My 6-year-old daughter was looking at the computer keyboard and said to me, “Mom, do you know which key from the keyboard is the richest one?” And I said, “What do you mean, which one has the most money?” And she said, “It’s the 4.” And I, all surprised, asked her: “Why?” And she answered: “Yes, look.” I looked at the keyboard and saw that the 4 had the $ sign at the top. © Loren Streber / Facebook
  • My niece, one day, saw a lady with her baby and scolded her. She told her that her baby’s teeth had fallen out because she didn’t brush them. © Rosa Paola / Facebook
  • I was at home and a friend came to visit me. My 3-year-old daughter started calling me because she wanted to eat. I answered her: “I’ll serve you in a minute!” And, in front of my friend, she very kindly replied, “Are you going to starve me to death or what?” We could only laugh. © Deisy Hinestroza / Facebook
  • When I was a child, I was very weak and small. My mother wanted to make me eat beets and told me: “Eat, so you will be pretty like your aunt Cata.” To which I answered: “That big and fat? Noooooo!” and I ran away. I was 6 years old. © Susana Carolina Herrera Salinas / Facebook
  • One day we went to see an electrician, but he was busy. They made us go to the waiting room, where there were some chairs. My mother, the man’s daughter, who was about 5 years old, and I were there. My mother was a little chubby, so we saw the chairs and we were going to sit down. The little girl shouted: “Noooooo!” We were surprised, we thought they were broken or something and that’s why she didn’t want us to sit down, but then she told my mom: “You don’t sit down, you’re going to break the chair.” To tell you the truth, we froze. After that, it was all laughter. © Mary Michel / Facebook
  • My oldest son was 6 years old when his brother was born. He accompanied my husband to pick me up. When I came out of the hospital and he saw me, he was very surprised, touched my stomach, still swollen, and asked his dad in amazement, “Didn’t they take my little brother out already?” © LP Guzmán / Facebook
  • My 6-year-old son told us that when he grows up he is going to leave his children in charge of us so he can go to the circus. © Yezlhy Arnold / Facebook

What did you say as a child that made your parents blush? What is the most embarrassing thing you ever experienced as a child?


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