10 People Share Horror Stories They Discovered About Their Friends

4 weeks ago

We often believe we know our friends inside out—their habits, quirks, and preferences. Yet, one day, our entire perception of them can shatter with the discovery of a dark secret or unexpected aspect of their lives. Today, we’re sharing shocking realizations people had about their friends, forever altering their perceptions.

  • I was at a classmate’s home to work on a project. Both her mom and dad were really pale and gaunt, with dark circles under their eyes and veiny arms. As we got to the table to eat, I finally realized why they looked so scary.
    In a huge bowl, I was served a lump of food that was bright green with a mushy consistency. I found out that the parents insisted on only eating baby food, which consisted of pureed raw vegetables and fruits like broccoli, carrots, and apples. They believed it was a healthy way to get nutrients, but their appearance suggested otherwise.
    When I returned home and told my parents, they forbade me from going back to my friend’s house.
  • I had a friend who always talked about their best friend, the conversations they would have, and the things they would do. My friend's best friend was actually a split personality. They were schizophrenic and weren't diagnosed until many years later. © PM_ME_THEM_CURVES / Reddit

  • One fun party night, my friend leaned over to me and confessed that as a child, he found the taste of boogers great and, to this day, he still eats them. © SlimTom / Reddit
  • I found out that my friend’s dad was my teacher’s ex-husband. He had been with her for years, and they had kids, but he never told his new wife or my friend that he had been married and had children before. My friend was even friends with her half-sister without knowing it because they went to dance class together. I have no idea if she ever found out. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I found out that all of my close friends and my boyfriend from high school went to a New Year’s party that I couldn’t attend. They spent a good amount of time saying insulting, mean, and untrue things about me. I discovered this long after the fact, and I learned that my best friend of (at the time) four years, now almost nine years, was there and didn’t say a word about it to me.
    Instead, I found out from someone I didn’t know who was there and felt like telling me that all my friends hated me.
    When I confronted my best friend, he said, “I didn’t think it was worth telling you about.” © Unknown author / Reddit
  • A good friend of mine who works at a nursing home looked at me one night and confessed that she had been stealing thousands of dollars and pieces of jewelry from the elderly people she's supposed to care for.
  • I found out a friend of mine would often cheat on his girlfriends. Nicest guy in the world, too, but I never really had the same respect for him after that. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • One of the funniest, most enjoyable guys to be around in high school had a paraplegic brother who was slowly dying throughout our time together. I only found out after we graduated and lost contact that he even had a brother and that he had died a few nights before prom.
    It really put a different perspective on all the memories we had together and the fun times we shared, knowing he was quietly dealing with this by himself. It really hit me hard when I found out. © HangoutWanderer / Reddit
  • I recently found out from a friend that another friend has been spying on their ex for quite some years. They knew all the ex’s passwords (and system for choosing passwords) and have been reading all their emails and checking bank transactions. They have several children together, but this person has been systematically malicious.
    The person doing this has been told to stop, and the other has been advised to change their passwords. © Wheres_that_to / Reddit
  • We worked for a company that was going bankrupt. My friend called me one night and told me that he had been the one who was stealing and had gotten away with, so far, $25,000 worth of merchandise. © Stinky*** / Reddit

Just as friends can surprise us, our relatives may also turn our lives upside down by revealing a deep family secret or a serious hidden truth. The stories we've gathered for you in this article are all mind-blowing in their own unique way.

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