14 Unique People Who Seem to Have Aliens Among Their Ancestors

11 months ago

Every person is unique, but some of us have a very distinctive appearance. Some people have a fascinating eye color, while others have “hobbit feet”. But they share one thing: they’re all probably used to people’s curious glances.

At Bright Side, we believe these people accepted and loved their differences and turned them into advantages. As a bonus, you’ll see a girl whose appearance is out of this world.

“I’m a tall, thin guy but have got cartoonishly short, wide feet. It’s not so easy to find wide kids’ shoes.”

“My girlfriend’s eyes are weird.”

“I was born without a bridge in my nose.”

“I have floppy cartilage in one of my ears, and can flip the cartilage inside out. My great grandma could do the same thing.”

“My housemate had an extra-long silver arm hair.”

“How my vitiligo changes from winter to summer”

“This tooth bud that was growing in the roof of my mouth”

“I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb.”

“I wonder how a piercing will look on my weird ear shape.”

“My left iris is brown, and my right one is green.”

“My right hand’s ring finger becomes colorless and numb when it’s cold outside. I’m living in icy Canada.”

“I have a birthmark in my eye.”

“My wife just gave birth to our firstborn, and me and my son both have the same weird genetic abnormality where we have an extra-large space between our first and second toes.”

“I often get asked if I’m wearing contacts, even though I have my glasses on.”

Bonus: Tibetan model Tsunaina has a real cosmic look.

Do you or someone you know have any peculiar features? Tell us in the comments below.


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I also had a tooth in the roof of my mouth. It was the adult tooth, I lost my last baby tooth in my 20s.


I can rotate both my arms over my head all the way while holding my hands together and not letting go


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