13 People Talked About the Situations That Made Their Workdays Unforgettable

4 years ago

On average, people spend 90 thousand hours at work over the course of their lives. All added up, this is more than 10 years. So, it is not surprising that at work, very important events happen, friendships begin and end, and very often, this is where the situations that make us laugh or feel really embarrassed happen.

We at Bright Side absolutely love people who are able to laugh at themselves, especially the ones who shared these 13 stories about the most awkward situations that happened to them at work.

  • Once, I called in sick in order to go on an interview, only to find out that my current boss had done exactly the same and was sitting in the waiting area. Neither of us got the job. © mgtd76 / Twitter
  • I had a filing job at a bank many, many years ago. I printed off some, shall we say, “flirtatious” emails with the boy I was seeing. Accidentally stapled them to the loan reports. Filed them. I couldn’t find them again once I realized what I’d done. For all I know, they’re still there... © RMCunliffe / Twitter
  • I wore shoes with an unusual looped shoelace design in an ad hoc work meeting with a Google VP. When I got up to leave, I realized that one shoe was were horribly entangled in an office chair. I briefly considered casually taking the chair with me, ditching the shoe, or chewing through my leg to free myself... © danbri / Twitter
  • Not me, but when working at Burger King, my friend (and colleague at the time) accidentally put mayonnaise instead of shake mix in the milkshake machine. We told no one and only had one or 2 complaints. Everyone else obviously loved their chocolate mayonnaise. © bracestower / Twitter
  • I was the computer operator for a big company in the 1980s. For a couple of months, the ugliest plaid fleece coat imaginable was hanging on the coat rack. Finally, I was so fed up with it, I took it home and threw it in our garbage. Found out it was my boss’s. © johnszim / Twitter
  • I left a huge legal folder for a multi-billion (with a B) dollar lawsuit on the subway. Some homeless guy finds it, calls the opposing attorney, and ransoms the thing. Luckily there was nothing in the file that was secret or not public record. Needless to say, I was fired. © Shady_Milkman / Reddit
  • I worked as a kindergarten teacher and a father and his daughter came in late. I told them, “It’s bad to be late and your daughter missed breakfast again.” And I see him almost bursting with laughter. I start telling him off and he just smiles and says, “You look amazing today!” And then he just runs away. I look down and see that my skirt was completely pulled up. © Overheard / Vk
  • In 2001, quite early on in what I laughably called my career, I arranged to meet the great Scottish actor Brian Cox outside the Royal Festival Hall bookshop at midday for an interview about his new film for the magazine Bizarre. I waited for Cox to show. And I waited... and waited... and waited a bit more, until there was just me and a shortish guy left. We shuffled there irritably, me and the other bloke, both checking our watches, and stamping our feet to keep warm. I sighed. He looked at his watch. I looked at mine. And from time to time we’d roll our eyes at each other amiably like jilted dates. About 5 paces from the doorway I entertained a nagging, albeit horrific notion: “Brian...?” I muttered quietly in his direction. He said, “Yes!” Our interview was quite intense. © AliCatterall / Twitter
  • I once sent a company-wide virus warning by forwarding the email so they could see what it looked like should they receive one, and forgot to remove the infected attachment. © Entropy72 / Twitter
  • When I come home from work, I usually take all of my clothes off and go take a shower. That next morning, I was very late, so I put on yesterday’s pants and ran to work. To my horror, my underwear got stuck in a pant leg and fell out right when I got to the office. The panties were there on the floor for several days: nobody wanted to pick them up. Neither did I: I was scared everyone would realize whose they were. © StellaPurrCam / Twitter

What funny situations have happened to you or your colleagues?

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Haha, that would be so akward to meet your job in the waiting room of a job interview.. I guess he can't really punish you in any way without getting caught himself


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