15 People Whose Ingenuity Got Them Far in Life

2 years ago

Some people are born with the gift of out-of-the-box thinking, also known as lateral thinking. This means that when these highly creative minds are faced with a problem, we are left in awe of their solution. Great minds and handiwork can go a long way in life, as demonstrated by these 15 people below who go above and beyond problem-solving.

At Bright Side, we would like to give a standing ovation to these creative people — right after we finish taking notes on their techniques, of course.


2. “Look, sometimes you just need a car. Like, for instance, when you need to haul 275 lb of firewood...oh, wait.”

3. “A suspension bridge my grandpa built himself”

4. “My boyfriend found a way to warm up his cold butter for breakfast!”

5. “My friend’s solution to charging a phone from an outlet that’s too high up”

6. “Anyone else have to improvise getting their shopping bags from the car to the house? I feel ridiculous.”

7. “Charging in the village”

8. “How my boyfriend brought home potatoes from the store today”

9. “My brother built a 3D printer with recycled materials from an old scanner, printers, and computers.”

10. “Bigger rivalry than Aldi vs Lidl”

11. “My brother has a window in his gate for dogs.”

12. “Someone attached chalk with a nylon string to the bathroom ceiling so people can do ’soft vandalism’ on the door.”

13. “My sister makes functional packs from plastic bags.”

14. “How my workplace deals with leaking pipes”

15. “My sister whittled a ’3′ out of a ’6′ candle for my birthday cake.”

Are you a DIY guru and fixer-upper? Please share your most rememberable and hilarious stories with us! Don’t be shy about posting a pic so we can also see your handiwork!

Preview photo credit hanfrish / Twitter


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