20 Photos That Made Us Think We Were Dreaming

2 years ago

You might wonder why some images confuse us for a few seconds when we see them for the first time. Well, that happens when our brain and eyes try to communicate with each other, but the connection gets a little mixed up. Sometimes our brain just guesses wrong, which is normal, and that makes for a fun challenge trying to decipher these visual riddles it creates.

Bright Side loves optical illusions and visual riddles, so we’ve prepared 20 for you, and we guarantee that at least a few of them will leave you confused for a bit.

1. “Grinch remake”

2. Just 2 Brontosauruses...

3. An alligator floating in the sky

4. A rare giant corgi!

5. Jupiter looks different.

6. This baby has an enormous toe!

7. Something is missing here...

8. A strange way to hold your baby

9. “This picture of my cat in a box looks like a polaroid picture.”

10. Just a friendly bear taking a nap

11. She must be levitating!

12. “It finally happened...they fused together.”

13. “A floating truck canopy”

14. “Another installment of 2D architecture — how anyone can fit a bed into these, I’ll never know.”

15. “Quick outfit check with the boyfriend turned me into an amputee.”

16. A beautiful giant tree in the background

17. This word is in 3D.

18. It’s not every day that you see a floating trash can.

19. The reflection makes this look like an oil painting.

20. “A giant dog over a vast waterfall”

Did our compilation confuse you? And have you ever taken any similar photos that can absolutely confuse people? Please share them and let’s all be confused together!

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