14 Discoveries That Turned Out to Be More Brutal Than People Thought

5 months ago

It can take forever to make sense of some events in our lives. But when you finally do, it’s like a lightbulb moment, even if it’s kinda spooky or weird. Life’s full of surprises, and there’s always more to discover, no matter how long it takes.

  • I went to sleep one night as a kid and heard a grainy voice calling out my name. I thought it was my mom, but she was asleep. This kept happening for the next few weeks. Sometime later, I was stripping my bed sheets, and I found something underneath one of them. It was a “yak-back”. It was a toy in the ’90s that let you record about 5 seconds of dialogue and play it back at the touch of a button. The last thing I recorded on it was my mom yelling my name. I had been inadvertently hitting the button while climbing into bed. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • When I was 10, my godfather gave me 20 dollars as a Christmas gift. At the end of the dinner, the money had disappeared. My parents blamed me for being irresponsible with my money. Years later we figured out that my cousin’s fiancée at the time was a kleptomaniac. Turns out she was the one who stole the money. © CiscoDniz / Reddit
  • For three years after my daughter was born, I received a card every holiday signed from her. However, the handwriting didn’t match anyone I knew, and it didn’t belong to her father’s relatives either. No one knew where it was coming from.
    Eventually, I found out that my daughter’s father’s wife felt bad for me and hated the fact that he didn’t care about his child. She sent those cards to me to let me know that someone cared. © Crissie2389 / Reddit
  • When I was 6, I got a Valentine’s Day card from someone named Ray left on my desk. I didn’t know any Ray, and I didn’t think much of it. I brought it home and showed it to my parents, who went on about how cute it was. However, they kept the card in a lockbox and wouldn’t let me look at it again.
    Years later, I found out the creepy truth about this Raymond guy who was stalking my mom. He came into the school claiming to be my uncle, wanting to leave me a Valentine on my desk. That was his way of telling my mom, “Look, I can get to your kid.” Looking back on it now, it terrifies me. © seeingredagain / Reddit
  • In 7th grade, I would occasionally hack up these nasty little white lumps that smelled horrendous, like rotting food mixed with really bad breath. I had no idea what they were, but after they stopped, I didn’t think about them again until someone mentioned “tonsil stones.” Turns out, that’s exactly what I was hacking up. Ugh, the smell was just appalling. © apocalypticradish / Reddit
  • I thought dads only came home on weekends. My dad showed up on Fridays and left on Sundays.
    When I was 14, it turned out that my dad was married to another woman the whole time and was having an affair with my mom, which ended up lasting 25 years. My mom changed her name to make it seem like they were married.
    My brother has a different surname too, as he’s my half-brother from her first husband. Also, my older cousin, whom we used to see a lot, turned out to be my mom’s first child who was adopted within the family. © meggandeth / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, we had a special treat for dinner on occasion: white bread, butter, and sugar sandwiches. I thought it was awesome, but I didn’t realize until I was an adult that we were eating that because we were really poor. © seymour1 / Reddit
  • At the age of 6, all my classmates received school pictures except me. I believed my teacher was unfair for providing pictures to everyone but me. As it turned out, my parents couldn’t afford school pictures. © jondonbovi / Reddit
  • I was a little girl when I started hearing knocking in my room at night. It would go on for hours nonstop until I fell asleep. This happened for weeks at a time, mostly during the summer.
    I never told anyone. The knocking got less frequent over the years, and I simply decided not to care. It eventually faded away entirely.
    Flash forward a few years, I was 12 when I started having problems with anxiety. I was treated for it, but none of it was helping. They sent me off to have a full workup, and I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. © not_a_mutant / Reddit
  • When I was about six or seven, and my sister was four or five, my family took a vacation weekend to a resort. We had adjoining rooms.
    When my sister and I woke up in the morning, there wasn’t anything in the room to eat. Instead of waking my parents, we both got dressed, and I took my sister to the little café in the resort. I ordered breakfast for the two of us and signed for it with the room number.
    I always thought it was amusing how precocious I was. It wasn’t until decades later, in therapy, that I explored how my parents didn’t really take care of me and my sister, and how I learned to cope. © TychaBrahe / Reddit
  • Ever since I was five or six, I had these episodes where I would lose my vision. I remember telling my parents that I couldn’t see, and they always told me to lie down and take a nap. It would happen at random and with varying degrees of frequency, so I had no idea what it was. It would also occur at school, and the nurse used to tell me I was “faking” something. As a teenager, I informed my doctors, and they told me they couldn’t diagnose what I was describing.
    Flash forward fifteen years, and a Google search told me that this is called an “aura,” which generally precedes migraines or cluster headaches. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • My older sister used to play our Disney read-along tapes to me while guiding me through the words in the books; she taught me to read this way. I didn’t realize until years later that she was using the tapes to cover the sound of our parents fighting downstairs. It saddens me that she never got to have a childhood. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • In high school, there was a girl I considered a good friend. One day she stopped talking to me, and for an entire year, she avoided me, which hurt.
    Later, I learned that a couple of individuals had called her pretending to be me and were extremely unpleasant to her. I never got specifics on what was said, but the cold shoulder made it clear that she valued me more than just a friend at that point. The relationship never was the same after that, even when the truth was found out. © PsychoticMo***n / Reddit
  • My roommate and I lived in this two-story building that had an internal balcony that looked like it shouldn’t be able to stay up. When we moved in, there was a crack on the ceiling of the ground floor just below the balcony that extended around 50 cm towards the lounge. Over the year, this crack propagated and got noticeably larger, to the point that we started moving heavy items away from the top floor. After a year, the crack was huge, ran the entire length of the room, and looked seriously dangerous.
    Turns out it was my flatmate being a prankster and drawing an ever-larger crack each week, only telling me many years later. © 5tu / Reddit

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