9 People Share Impossible Events That Horrified Them to Their Core

5 months ago

Some stories often leave us scratching our heads, wondering if there’s more to the world than meets the eye. It’s like peeking into a different world; sometimes, it’s the inexplicable that adds a touch of magic to our lives. So, get ready for a journey into uncharted territories where reality gets a little more curious and fascinating.

“My daughter insisted I was pregnant and described her perfectly.”

When my daughter was 3, I started birth control with no intention of having another child. However, things turned unexpectedly when my daughter began telling her preschool that I had a sister inside my tummy. Initially, I dismissed it as mere imagination, but she persisted, insisting that her baby sister hid within me.

A few days later, she started sweetly talking to my belly, convinced that her sister was there. She also gave a detailed description of what her sister looks like. Even though she had never expressed a desire for a sibling before, she was unwavering in her belief that her sister already existed.

When my expected period didn’t arrive, I decided to take a pregnancy test, and to my surprise, it turned out positive despite being on birth control. A visit to the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, and eventually, I gave birth to a baby girl who perfectly matched my daughter’s description. This extraordinary experience has continued to astonish me.

“I found my sister’s missing necklace in my house, even though she hasn’t visited me in years.”

A few years ago, my sister moved to a different state, and two years back, her husband gifted her a gold necklace with a heart engraved with their family’s initials and birth year. Last spring, the necklace mysteriously went missing. During our conversation about it, she confided that she hadn’t informed her husband yet, waiting until she thoroughly searched every possible place. Her house, car, and workplace.

Feeling it was time to tidy up, I started sorting through shoes and purses at the bottom of my closet. Surprisingly, I found her necklace tucked away in the farthest corner. There’s no way it could have ended up there, mainly since my sister hasn’t visited me since she moved.

I FaceTimed her immediately to share my discovery. She pulled out her necklace from under her blouse during the call to my amazement. Not only did she have her necklace, but she also had no memory of losing it.

“My old friend doesn’t exist.”

I recently remembered about a friend from my school days with whom I haven’t crossed paths since graduation. Despite attending different high schools, we had common friends, and we used to spend quite a bit of time together.

In an attempt to reconnect, I searched for him on social media but couldn’t find any traces. Although I found his dad and sister online, their profiles didn’t mention him, not even in family-related posts. I reached out to a mutual friend from his school, but she couldn’t recall him, even after I showed her a picture of us together.

Since they graduated together, I checked their senior yearbook online, only to discover he wasn’t in it. He was a varsity athlete, had a lot of friends, and was a regular event presence. Yet, it seems like no one remembers him except me. The situation is unsettling, considering how someone could seemingly vanish from existence, even from their own family.

“My mother and I heard the inside of each other’s brains.”

Earlier this year, my mom and I experienced something weird. While sharing a hug, our ears somehow aligned perfectly, and I suddenly heard an internet dial-up tone along with a beautiful children’s choir coming from inside her head. Lasting about 5 seconds, it left both of us stunned and bewildered.

We discussed what we heard — she described the same dial-up sound followed by a bass-like synth and percussion from inside my head. Despite our efforts to recreate the phenomenon, it never happened again.

I’ve scoured the internet for similar experiences but found nothing except articles on schizophrenia. This incident remains a mystery, and I’m curious to know if anyone else has encountered something similar or has an explanation.

“My friend was at my flat but disappeared.”

We chatted on the couch during a dinner with a friend, and I briefly left to take a call. Upon my return, she had vanished. Thinking she might be in the bathroom, I waited, but she wasn’t there. I called her, and she answered, sounding like she had just woken up at home. Perplexed, I asked why she left my place, but she had no recollection of being there.

Even during our call, I heard the rustling of sheets, realizing she couldn’t have left my bustling area. We video-called, and indeed, she was at home, in bed, wearing pajamas, with no memory of visiting me. It’s baffling because she lives far away and couldn’t have gone home, changed, and napped within 15 minutes. I’m completely puzzled by what happened.

“Ordering at McDonald’s.”

Back in college, I parked at what I believed to be a McDonald’s, confidently walked inside, approached the counter, and casually ordered a “double cheeseburger.” To my surprise, the cashier looked at me and said, “We don’t have those here.” I stared in disbelief, wondering if I had entered The Twilight Zone. Since when has McDonald’s not served cheeseburgers?

Trying to grasp the situation, I asked slowly, “You... don’t have those?” The cashier pointed at the menu and mumbled, “No.” It turned out I was at Arby’s. I was genuinely shaken up because I was convinced I had stopped at a McDonald’s and didn’t even like Arby’s. Moreover, there were no McDonald’s around, just a lone Arby’s on a road I didn’t typically travel.

This happened before smartphones so I couldn’t check a map. I saw what I thought was a McDonald’s, stopped, and it turned out to be an Arby’s. It was undeniably bizarre, whether it was a glitch in my mind or something else.

“Ghost family”

Three years ago, during my work at a pizzeria, I handled various responsibilities, including deliveries. One evening, a regular family opted to pick up their order instead of choosing delivery. However, after they left, we discovered a missing item. Our attempts to contact them proved futile. Armed with their address from previous deliveries, I took it upon myself to deliver the omitted item personally.

Upon reaching their supposed residence, things took an unexpected turn. The familiar yard, usually filled with children’s toys, was vacant. A resident in the building informed me that no such family resided there. Perplexed, I cross-verified the address with a colleague through a video call, receiving the same information. Despite having made deliveries there multiple times, it appeared to be the correct address.

Efforts to reach the customers were in vain, leaving me with no option but to proceed with my other deliveries. Two weeks later, the same family placed another order, acting as if nothing peculiar had occurred. When I brought up the strange incident, they were as bewildered as I was. They hadn’t moved, and no elderly woman lived with them. They were sure they had headed straight home after collecting their order. Since then, we playfully dubbed them the “ghost family.”

“A missing wallet reappeared in my pants.”

In June, I lost my wallet after a night out, which was quite out of character since I rarely lose important items. Despite vividly remembering taking it out of my pants at the night’s end, it mysteriously vanished. I searched extensively, reaching out to the bar and the police, but it seemed to have left no trace. Although my cards weren’t used and I didn’t suspect theft, I continued my search unsuccessfully.

Assuming it was a consequence of being a bit tipsy, I decided to replace my license, cards, and wallet after about five days of futile searching. Now, fast-forward to a Friday in September — after wearing the same pants all week, I stumbled upon both the new and old wallets, complete with all my cards neatly tucked inside.

“My boyfriend understood Japanese for a minute.”

One evening, while my boyfriend and I were enjoying an episode of One Piece in the living room, he decided to head to the kitchen for a snack, leaving the show playing. In a particular scene in Japanese, a character asked, “Why do you care about this woman anyway? She’s a criminal.”

Unexpectedly, from the kitchen, my boyfriend shouted in English, “Because she’s my friend, dumb***!” Surprisingly, he couldn’t read the subtitles at that moment. When I inquired about how he understood the dialogue, he was genuinely shocked and couldn’t provide any explanation. Notably, he has never learned Japanese or watched ahead without me. This inexplicable incident left both of us quite freaked out.

Children’s stories often blur the lines between their vivid imagination and the unseen, leaving us with a sense of unease. If you’re ready to dive into this creepy and mysterious world, check out this article.


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