12 Stories That Prove Parenting Is a Never-Ending Journey

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3 years ago

Any person who has experienced the joy of parenting knows that life with little ones can be different, but in no way can it be called boring. Fortunately, some parents have found unusual ways out of any situation which is why some kids think that the chocolate in Kinder Surprise eggs is for adults, while the batteries in their flashlight never run out.

Each and every parent at Bright Side really appreciates the stories on the internet from experienced parents. At the end of the article, there are a couple of bonuses about a sly father and a special voice that all mothers have.













  • My friend’s 14-year-old daughter declared, “I need money to get a tattoo!” as she had decided to get a tattoo on her face. While her mother was taking medicine and trying to calm herself down, my friend (her dad) and his daughter were discussing the details. They made a decision to visit a tattoo artist that next weekend. Once they arrived at the tattoo parlor, my friend pulled the tattoo artist aside and said to him, “I will pay you double your rate if you can start doing the tattoo without ink.” During further discussions, my friend unnoticeably whispered to the artist and asked him to do the procedure as painful as possible. So the master started to draw a heart on her cheek and the girl started to howl from the pain — it was extremely painful! When they returned home that same evening, everyone was happy. The parents were happy because their daughter didn’t ruin her beautiful face, the girl was happy because she agreed to start the procedure without ink, otherwise, she would have had to bear that torture through to the end. I think the father found the right way out of the situation because he managed to keep a good relationship with his daughter. After all, if he had said “no” she could have thrown a tantrum and would have gotten this tattoo just despite him. © volchek1024 / Pikabu

Bous № 1: Father couldn’t calm his baby down and came up with a new way to feed him. Upon returning home, the mother saw this scene:

Bonus № 2: Mother’s voice

Are there any tricks you use while raising your own kids?


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Like Georgia Floyds his parents were given 8 million dollars for there great job raising Floyd and the same with Breana name that Judge


6 is a good way to deal with it but I'm sure you can't act like that at any given moment. Sometimes you are just angry or in a bad mood and in such moments these small things can really push you over the edge

2 weeks ago
Ain't nobody got time for that.

haha yeah I would but I'm sure I won't remember by the time I am married and have kids :D


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