I Accidentally Discovered a Creepy Detail About My Husband, Now I Want to Run Away

5 months ago

When we get married, we believe that we know everything about our spouse. At least we are aware of the things that might be important for us. Our today’s heroine thought she had a transparent relationship with her extremely loving and attentive husband of 15 years. One day, a sudden discovery in her husband’s belongings has ruined all her illusions, and now she’s just freaked out by what she has found out.

An enigmatic discovery turned the woman’s life upside down.

A woman named Kathleen wrote to our editorial in order to tell us her family story. She began her letter saying that she’s afraid of her husband, though he’s not a person who would typically scare people off.

Kathleen is 37 and her husband is 40 years old. They’ve been happily married for over 15 years now. The spouses have 2 kids, a big and very well-equipped, cozy house of their own and a Labrador dog. Their family picture might look idyllic and typical for all happy families, and Kathleen also thought so, until recently.

Two weeks ago, the family finally moved into their new home. Kathleen wrote that on that day, she was busy unpacking some of the minor stuff. She came across a box that belonged to her husband. The woman decided to check if there weren’t missing things, and opened that box.

Kathleen found there some old photos. All of these photos were from the time when she was 20 years old. She wrote, “There were pictures of me studying in my college, working out in the gym, hanging out with my friends.” It might seem that Kathleen’s finding was innocent and not worth any special attention at all, but it scared the woman because of one tiny detail.

Kathleen wrote that she was mortified when she saw the photos.

The woman goes on with her letter, saying that the bunch of old photos she had found actually made her feel distraught with fear. She says, “All of these photos were from the period when I was 20 years old, but the thing that scared me to death was that I actually met my husband for the very first time when I was celebrating my 23rd birthday. We had never known each other before, I had never met him until an accidental encounter during my birthday party.”

Kathleen explained that the photos were not just from the epoch when she didn’t even suspect that her future husband existed, but they all were made in the places where she normally went, but she didn’t have them in her own family album, and she couldn’t recall anyone from her family taking such photos at that moment.

All of these really made the woman panic, as she was trying to collect her thoughts and find at least some explanation of what this all really meant.

Further findings put the woman in an even deeper shock.

As Kathleen looked more in the same box, she discovered more disturbing things. Her husband kept a list of the places she used to visit back then, like the shops, the gym, the beauty salons. He had information about all of Kathleen’s friends and their personal details. He even knew all men that his wife dated so many years ago.

Kathleen also came across her husband’s personal diary. From there, she found out that he staged their first time meeting. He appeared in that same place where Kathleen celebrated her 23rd birthday, and he knew she would be there, as she visited that place often and he knew it.

The woman suddenly realized why her husband always knew exactly what things she liked. She used to explain this by the fact that they were soulmates, but in reality he appeared to be just a creep who was spying after her.

Strangely, Kathleen admitted that she had never really felt like she was under his control. Her husband always showered the woman with care and love, she couldn’t say that he was controlling. He was so loving, sweet and passionate that Kathleen felt the luckiest woman in the Universe to be with her husband.

The woman now has an urge to run away from her creepy husband.

Kathleen was so shocked by the things she had found that it took a month for her to finally be able to talk to her husband about everything. She sat down with him one evening and told him everything, and she also showed him her findings. The only thing she wanted from him is that he told her the truth.

Surprisingly, her spouse didn’t deny anything. He revealed that he once saw her at her gym and instantly knew he wanted to date Kathleen. So he followed her around. Her husband would often be sitting outside Kathleen’s house back then, in order to see where she would go. Then, when he saw the disco place Kathleen used to go to with her company quite often, he appeared there at the right time, just for her Birthday party.

Kathleen admitted that at that moment she felt sick to her stomach. She was distraught with fear and anger, she cried. Her husband tried to comfort her and begged her to forgive him. He admitted that what he did was wrong, but the love he had for her was pure.

Now, Kathleen wants a divorce, but she also considered the therapy for them both to see where they both stand. She is seriously questioning her marriage now and can’t get rid of the feeling that her husband had been controlling all her life, without her even knowing it. But the woman also admitted that, at the same time, he was the best partner she’s ever had. He has always been a perfect husband and a very loving father.

We’d advise Kathleen to not be in a hurry with divorce.

We’re sincerely grateful to Kathleen for her trust and for sharing her story with us. Our advice to the woman would be to think things over and not to consider a divorce as the only way out. We also think that what her husband did, was too much, and probably he shouldn’t have spied after her, let alone taking all these photos without her consent.

But, on the other hand, he never used his knowledge about her for doing something bad to the woman. Kathleen confessed that he has always been the best both as a husband and as a dad, so, before trying to split with her husband, we’d advise Kathleen to consider both a therapy and some more talks with her husband.

She could have a kind of agreement with him for their further life that they don’t interfere with each other’s private space anymore. Letting the past remain in the past, this is what we’d sincerely advise to the woman.

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