I’m a Psychiatrist and Here’re the Clues on How to Spot a Psychopath in Your Surrounding

8 months ago

We all probably wondered at least several times in our life on how to spot a wrong person with bad intentions. A psychiatrist has listed some things that may be valuable knowledge in a fascinating video on YouTube. Dr Sohom Das, 44, owns a channel where he covers a range of mental health and safety-related topics. This time he impressed his audience with some tips on how to actually spot a psychopath and stay safe from ill-intended people.

Dr Sohom Das made a video for all people who want to stay safe.

An expert has tackled a very important question that may have been in many people’s mind: Is it easy to spot a psychopath, and what are the key things everyone should pay attention to in order to avoid a relationship with such a person?

London-based forensic psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das, has created an own YouTube channel called “A Psych for Sore Minds”, where he covers a variety of topics about mental health, safety and even some dating behaviors, such as love bombing.

His YouTube bio says he’s an expert witness who discusses his own real life cases, though they’re anonymized. The expert’s latest video has got people talking and covered a very important topic for many: how to spot a real psychopath and what to do if you happened to be in contact with them.

Spotting such a person may not be an easy task, according to the expert.

In his YouTube video, Dr Das shares his thoughts on the topic of spotting an ill-intended and even socially dangerous person.

In the clip, the expert, who used to work with a lot of formal clinical psychopaths, says that there is a question people often ask him during interviews and podcasts. That question is: “How can you spot a psychopath? How can you tell if somebody that you’ve met recently is a psychopath?” The authoritative experts claim that psychopath is a name for an individual with antisocial personality disorder.

In his video, Dr Das reveals it’s actually really hard to spot such people, almost by definition. He says that psychopaths usually have a really good skill at being kind of chameleon and blending in. Moreover, they’re charming, entertaining and sweet, just like normal people, who have only good intentions towards you.

You need to be very attentive to notice a tiny thing in their behavior.

Dr Das says that he doesn’t think you can really spot a psychopath, at least the first few times when you meet them. Only over time, you may start realizing that they’re sort of manipulative and may show the signs that they’re using you for something.

The expert reveals, that such people aren’t being your friends because they like your chat, and they like your jokes. Rather than that, a psychopathic person will be in friendly terms with you because they want to somehow receive something from you. They’re trying to manipulate you, and, what is even more characteristic, not just you, but other people around them may be the targets of their manipulation. This may demonstrate that they have lots of friends and contacts because they’re friendly, and they’re simply charming.

Their behavior has one common feature.

In his video, Dr Sohom Das says that psychopaths do have many connections, and you may be easily swept off your feet by their endless charm. They seem very sociable, maintain many contacts, but there’s one thing that becomes the culmination of all such relationships. Dr Das says, that this relationship doesn’t necessarily last, and sooner or later all of such contacts come to an end. It’s because they use people and then move on, according to the expert.

He explains that such people don’t have any kind of long-term relationship or friends, who they emotionally connect with. They just have people around them, whom they can use to receive something for their benefit.

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