He Chose Money Over Love, but Karma Acted When My Prosperous Father Died

3 weeks ago

When we get married, we expect our spouse to stand by us through both poverty and prosperity. However, reality often deviates from our expectations, and a partner's true nature can reveal itself during times of significant adversity. This is what happened to our heroine today, a woman who discovered that her husband intended to exploit her wealth to become a millionaire at her expense. However, events took a different turn, and he ended up empty-handed.

A woman wrote to us to share her inheritance drama.

A woman named Sarah, 37, wrote to us, starting her letter with a backstory. She shared that her father had recently passed away, and she is still mourning his loss, as she had a deep and special bond with him. He raised her alone after becoming a widower at just 20 years old when Sarah's mother passed away.

Sarah revealed that her dad was a very successful lawyer, often featured in various media and widely recognized as a public figure. His exceptional talent allowed him to win many cases that seemed hopeless to even the most experienced lawyers. Many professionals referred to him as "a wizard" and "a genius," as he was a master from whom many people learned.

Given his tremendous skill, it's no surprise that Sarah's dad was very wealthy. His net worth was nearly a billion, and he owned several large law firms, properties, and cars.

Sarah's father instilled in her a unique perspective on money and wealth.

As a single father, Sarah's dad worked hard to instill his strong values in his daughter. One key lesson was his approach to finances. Sarah recounted how he taught her to be modest and frugal. Despite having everything they needed, she was raised never to flaunt their privileged status.

Sarah shared, "I went to an ordinary school and later entered a law faculty, all without my dad's interference. He wouldn't even help me prepare for my entrance exams, insisting that I should follow his path and work my way up from the bottom without skipping any steps."

Upon graduating with honors and securing a job at a small law firm, her father was immensely proud of her achievements. He declined to employ her at one of his large companies, reiterating that she needed to carve out her own path to success.

Sarah added, "Even though my dad was a very famous figure, I never appeared in the media with him. His impeccable reputation and talent were his alone, and I never objected. I understood his reasoning. He wanted to ensure that after he was gone, my future would depend on me, not on his legacy or wealth."

Sarah's father held reservations about her boyfriend, yet refrained from intervening in their relationship.

When Sarah began dating Bradd, a fellow student from the university, her father held a skeptical view of the young man. During their first meeting, he bombarded Bradd with questions, finding him lacking in his "personal check."

Sarah reminisces, "My dad always warned me that Bradd was a lazy, entitled individual who was drawn to my father's fame and wealth from the start. But I chalked it up to my father's protective nature, appreciating it but not giving much weight to his concerns about Bradd."

Bradd, for his part, never broached any topics related to money when conversing with Sarah, further convincing her of his pure intentions. They tied the knot a year before her father's passing, and their marriage appeared blissful both personally and professionally, as they both pursued their careers with zeal and enjoyment.

Following Sarah's father's death, events took a surprising and unexpected turn.

After Sarah's father's passing, she found herself engulfed in deep grief. However, she was taken aback by Bradd's peculiar behavior during this difficult time. Sarah recalled, "Instead of offering comfort and support during my overwhelming sorrow, Bradd immediately broached the subject of my inheritance, asking about the extent of my expected wealth after my father's demise."

This question shocked her, triggering memories of her father's warnings about Bradd's true intentions and how he was only interested in her for her father's money.

Sarah disclosed, "When he asked about my inheritance, my expression must have betrayed my surprise. I responded, 'What inheritance? I won't receive a dime from my dad. I'm not even mentioned in his will.'"

Bradd brushed it off as a joke or a result of her distress after the funeral, assuming she was talking nonsensically. Sarah countered, "There's no inheritance for me because I'm not my dad's biological daughter. I was adopted a year before my mom's death, and although my dad raised me as his own, he never intended to include me in his will. I've known this my entire life."

Bradd vanished as soon as he heard the "bad news" Sarah had for him.

In Sarah's continuation of her story, she reveals that Bradd filed for divorce just a month after learning about her lack of inheritance from her father. Following their divorce, Sarah orchestrated a meeting with Bradd in the presence of a family friend who had been her father's business partner.

During the dinner, the dad's partner presented Bradd with Sarah's father's will. It stipulated that if Bradd remained married to Sarah for five years post her father's death, he would inherit half of the estate, with the other half going to Sarah. However, in the event of divorce, Sarah was designated as the sole heir to her father's entire fortune and properties.

In her closing remarks, Sarah expressed her satisfaction, stating, "It was immensely gratifying to witness my ex's shocked reaction. His face turned pale, then red, then pale again. He was left speechless, like a fish gasping for air out of water. I felt that my father's plan had been fully realized, and he could finally rest in peace, knowing that I was thriving without that 'lazy, spoiled kid' in my life."

In yet another family drama, the woman recounts her husband dropping a bombshell: he's not the biological father of their daughter. However, she vehemently denies ever being unfaithful to him. But brace yourself for a whimsical twist that will leave you utterly astonished.


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