My Husband Was Hiding His Best Friend From Me, I Found Out Why, and I’m Livid

2 months ago

A woman, 38, has written a letter to our editorial, and told us her heart-wrenching story. She accidentally found out why her beloved husband was hiding his best friend from her. The woman is desperate and doesn’t know what to do, after she found out the painful truth. She wants to know our readers’ opinions on her situation and asked us to publish her story.

The woman’s relationship had been thriving, and she lived a normal life.

Anna, 38, wrote to us and told us her story, which may resonate with many people who are in a happy relationship and are afraid to lose it one day.

Anna began her letter, saying that she and her husband, Dylan, have been married for over 10 years. They first met each other when they were in the 4th grade, and they started dating when they were 17. Anna confessed, «I love my husband, Dylan is the total package. He’s so funny, totally sweet, very smart, and of course attractive. My husband has made my life awesome, and he’s the person with whom I absolutely believed I would spend the rest of my life.»

Anna wrote about their friendly relationship with other people, saying, «We went to the same schools from the time we met, up until college. During that period we’ve both made our own friend circles. Dylan has always been more connected with his friends than I have, and due to this I’ve gradually become a part of the group as well. In that time, I wasn’t invited to many of their group hangouts, but to me, it has never been a huge problem.»

Anna writes, «I didn’t make an issue of this because hey, these people are his friends, he doesn’t meet them nearly as often as he meets me, it’s just not my business.»

Dylan had a best friend, and this person has always been enigmatic to Anna.

Anna goes on with her story, saying, «Dylan met his best friend, Kevin, long before he met me. I knew almost nothing about Kevin, up until recently. He didn’t attend our wedding, and he didn’t attend any of the same schools together with us both, and I even believed he wasn’t friends with anyone in our friends’ circle. He didn’t visit us in our house, too, and I personally have met him only 3 times. I thought this all was that way because of the peculiarity of his work, and Dylan once told me that Kevin traveled a lot.»

Anna revealed that her relationship with Kevin wasn’t smooth from the very start. She didn’t see him often, but when she did, strange things were happening between them. She explained, «Two years ago Dylan and I went to a BBQ arranged by another couple in our group. Kevin was there. I didn’t even realize at first who he was, and I was honestly kind of shocked. I’d seen him in person only once before, but at that time Kevin kept a robust distance from me, which I’m realizing now was intentional. But I must admit that this man is totally handsome, he looks like he could become a supermodel.»

Anna revealed, «When I tried to start a conversation with him, he seemed very nervous and absolutely shut me down after just a few sentences. When I spoke about his weird behavior to the rest of our friends, they surprisingly also shut me down, saying that that’s just how he is and some even supposed that I might have said something that offended him. In short, no one even would talk to me about Kevin, at all. Any conversation that was about him was a no-go.»

Anna noticed a strange behavior of her husband, too.

Anna revealed that she tried talking to Dylan about Kevin’s behavior. He just informed his wife that Kevin didn’t like her.

Anna said, «I was totally confused, because I’d hardly said or done anything that would have offended him so much. The excuse that Dylan gave was that Kevin disliked me because I had a relationship with another guy in college, when my relationship with Dylan was on pause, and this happened back in the college. And Dylan explained that Kevin was just too stubborn to let it go.»

Anna was absolutely puzzled about the whole situation, but she quickly forgot about it, up until one day.

She wrote, «A few weeks ago, my husband said that he was going fishing with one of his numerous cousins. That same night, I arranged a small party in the house, the ’girls only’ thing, and invited our mutual female friends to it. One girl, Lily, was sitting in our lobby scrolling through some social media.
I accidentally glanced over her shoulder and then saw a very strange photo of Kevin. He was sitting next to my husband in a hot tub. This pic had been posted maybe 1 hour before I saw it, it was a fresh one. I asked Lily about what was going on, and she just went pale. She avoided any explanations, but I took the phone from her and went to the profile that posted the strange photo.»

Anna found out a bitter truth about her spouse and his friend.

Anna goes on with her story, saying, «This profile which posted the image, it belonged to Dylan. The profile was private, and when I scrolled through the posts, most of them were his photos of him and Kevin together. Some pictured them hanging out alone, some included the rest of our friends, but of course without me. In most of the pics they seemed way too close, so touchy, or they were doing things that were too intimate for friends to be doing.
I was mortified and I froze. All of these pictures were dated to nights when Dylan told me he was working late, or just hanging out with cousins, when he told me he was doing something else, and these were the hangouts I wasn’t invited to.»

Anna asked Lily to tell her the truth. She was looking at Anna so desperately, and she and the rest of their friends clearly knew what had been happening. Anna said, «Dylan and Kevin had been having an affair, and both were very vividly dating behind my back since before Dylan and I got married. They started dating when Dylan and I had a one-month break during college, and they were together ever since. All of our friends were aware of this, and none of them disclosed it to me until I revealed it the hard way.»

Anna explained, «Kevin wasn’t at our wedding because he felt guilty. He avoided me so hard due to the same reason. They all had a group chat I wasn’t in. Everyone in the group felt totally supportive about Kevin. This man was never as distant as I thought he was, he was just being hidden from me. Dylan was hiding him from me because he totally hated the thought that I would find out they were together.»

Anna closed her letter, saying, «I am writing this while my husband isn’t at home. I just don’t know what to do. I can’t even think of leaving Dylan, because he’s such an ideal partner and an amazing man. But I also can’t stand being in a competition against Kevin, and this thought is killing me. »

And here’s the story from a woman, whose husband was hiding a very creepy truth from her. But she was able to discover it one day, and such thing as a tampon helped her in this detective mission.

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