People Recall the Weirdest Things They’ve Experienced and Still Expect to Find an Answer To

8 months ago

Within each of us, there reside cherished memories, well-guarded secrets, and amusing anecdotes that will persist throughout our lifetimes. However, amidst these moments, there may also be enigmatic occurrences that linger in our minds indefinitely. Recently, Reddit users have begun sharing personal mysteries from their own experiences, riddles that have remained unsolved and continue to perplex them.

  • When I was in about 1st grade, my best friend at the time had a lot of temper tantrums. We were having a sleepover and I fell asleep in her bedroom. In the middle of the night, I woke up in a different bed with her father. I was so confused, but he explained that she had a temper tantrum and her mom went to sleep in her bed with her, so they moved me to the guest room.
    I was young and didn’t understand that’s not normal that he was sleeping in the same bed as me, just him and me. I told my parents when I went home the next day, and they were extremely concerned asking me if he touched me, etc.
    I was highly confused because my pure innocent mind didn’t understand the concept of that lol. Now as an adult I’m like, why didn’t they just move me to the other room, why did the dad have to get in bed with me? They’re truly good people and nothing happened, but it’s weird. @flowersandchocolate / Reddit
  • When I was in high school, a friend asked me and two other friends to his house for dinner. His mom served homemade bean soup, which was very good. Toward the end of the main course, she brought out chocolate cake for dessert.
    She cut each of us a slice and plopped it into our bowls... in which we each still had about an inch of soup. Us guests exchanged puzzled glances, but the family dug right in. It turned out chocolate cake soaked in bean soup was an ordinary thing for them. @President_Calhoun / Reddit
  • When my son was not yet 3, he came to my room and kept telling me “the lady” was in his and his sister’s room. I was half asleep and dismissed it, told him to snuggle up in my bed with me. So he got in my bed, but every few minutes kept waking me up to tell me about “the lady.” Then he says she is at my bedroom door. So in an effort to show him there is no lady, and we should just go back to sleep, I pick him up and walk him in the dark out of my room.
    We stand in the hall and I say, “See there is no lady”. He points his finger down the hall where there is nothing to see at all and says, “Mama she’s right there. That’s the lady! And this is HER house.” Nothing, not even a shadow where he was pointing. I kind of just tried not to show he was freaking me out and said, “Okay, she must be a nice lady” and took him back to my bed where he promptly fell asleep, and I stayed awake for hours thinking this “lady” in my 100 plus year old apartment must be hanging out watching me sleep. @kookenhaken / Reddit
  • This happened when I was 6. I needed to use the bathroom at a friend’s house, and he led me to his parent’s bathroom. The place was filled with all sorts of weird things: Boxes, magazines, an inflatable pool, lots of other stuff. You could barely get in there.
    He pulled out a drawer from the installed cabinet by the entryway and said to pee in there. I thought he was joking until he went ahead and peed in there himself. I couldn’t argue with that, so I too peed right in there. Then he shut the drawer and we went and played more ninja turtles. I have no idea what became of that drawer/house/family. @DoritoOnRepeatTho / Reddit
  • When I was a child, I accidentally dropped my teddy, and he went tumbling down some stairs into the cellar. Mom or dad went down to retrieve him and an arm was missing. Nowhere to be seen. Searched the cellar and the rest of the house, never found the arm of my beloved teddy. Still perplexed to this day. @That-Caterpillar-301 / Reddit
  • I once went swimming in open water and got a really bad cramp in my leg, my friends were a fair bit away from me on paddleboards. I can literally remember starting to go under and not be able to get myself back up, I started to really panic. Then I felt someone grab me and help me swim over to my friends, when I looked who it was, it was my childhood football coach, and he kept saying, “Oh dear we need to get you out of the water, come on you’ll be fine.”
    When I get to my friends they help me on the board, and they help me back to shore. I’m not sure why I didn’t turn to say thanks to my football coach. But we’re nearly back to shore when I ask where’s the guy who helped me out, and they tell me I just swam to them myself and there was nobody there.
    To this day I still remember being dragged out of the water and him helping me across. I guess it was just my brain freaking out and putting an old authority figure there to help me get back ok... But I definitely saw and felt someone there, the brains a powerful thing I guess. @Cranstorm / Reddit
  • We moved house in May. On one of the first days in the property, I put my AirPods charge case down on the dining room table, went into the living room to dust and vacuum, came back 20 minutes later, and it was gone. The only thing in the dining room was the table itself and a set of (empty) shelves. I was alone in the house, my husband was out for several hours picking up various other bits of furniture and boxes. I have, to this day, still not found the case.
    Then, in June, I bought a new water bottle on the way to the gym, used it at the gym, came home and put it on the kitchen counter to wash and refill for the next day after dinner. Half an hour later when I came to do the washing up, it was gone. My husband had been with me the whole time. We were both totally perplexed. We’ve searched the house top to bottom multiple times over and still cannot find either of these items. @Tinywrenn / Reddit
  • As the younger sibling I used to occasionally liberate my brother’s clothes. Once I borrowed his sweat band for a football game. A few days later, I was back at the football pitch and saw the headband on the pitch next to the goalposts. I panicked, picked it up and took it home, relieved I’d found it.
    Fast-forward a week or so and I overheard my brother asking my mom, “Why do I have two of these?” Holding up the sweat bands. I remained silent. I’d imagine it still bothers him to this day. @TheWriterOfWrongs / Reddit
  • I am 40 years old, I have a very thin scar on the right-hand side of the abdomen below my stomach. Kind of where your appendix would be. But there is nothing on my medical records about any surgery, I have spoken to my parents who both insist I never had any surgery as a baby/infant. It’s been there as long as I can remember.
    I seem to have this memory of being in hospital when I was younger, I remember a bathroom and a corridor, but honestly couldn’t say if these are real memories or not. Whenever I think of them they’ve always made me feel uneasy. @InternationalEnd5 / Reddit

No matter how old these people will get, these stories will always excite their imagination and keep them in wonder. In this collection, over 25 people have shared captivating narratives, that are certain to give goosebumps even to the most fearless souls.

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