12 True Stories That Get Creepier the More You Read

7 months ago

Trying to figure out why things happen is something we all do. On the internet, people share weird experiences that really stuck with them. The events here might sound like something from a suspenseful tale, but they’re true stories from real folks. We invite you today to dive into these interesting tales that connect with the mysteries of everyday life, and we guarantee you’ll discover a captivating world where reality meets the unexplained.

  • When I was about 8 years old, during recess at school, I noticed a bunch of other kids outside a storage room yelling and warning others not to approach the door because “there was an eyeball staring back at you!”

    I was curious because I didn’t understand what they meant, but I could see their fear was real, as their faces were pale white, trying to deter me from taking a peek through the keyhole.

    I remember bending down slightly so I could get a closer look inside, and sure enough, there was an eyeball staring back at me. It terrified me so much. We ended up at the nurse’s office. Later that day a janitor went into the room to inspect what this whole mess was about. Turns out someone had placed a mirror against that door, and the eyeball we were seeing was our own reflection!
    © sarca**h**es / Reddit
  • I’m 17, at home watching my baby sister who is 11. She’s downstairs watching TV or whatever, and I am upstairs playing video games, getting ready for bed. My sister was/is pretty awesome, and I could always trust her to go to bed at a relatively decent time. To my surprise, my mom peeked her head into my darkened room, and I cheerfully waved goodnight. I couldn’t see her face, just a head poking itself into my room, looking at me, and then back away.

    About half an hour later, I go downstairs for some water and am surprised again, this time by my sister who is still watching the last of her TV show. I didn’t care if she was still up, but my mother would have promptly put her to bed, as she was much stricter.
    She asked me if I knew when mom and dad would be home, and I immediately took her hand, leading her out to my car. We sat there while I called my parents, who came home immediately. No doors and windows were unlocked besides the side door I unlocked to bring my sister outside. I still wonder who or what poked its head into my room. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • When I had a nightmare as a child, I walked into my parents’ room to crawl into bed with them. They had their window open, and down the hill, we had a basketball court with a floodlight. As I went to wake my mother, I saw a quadrupedal animal on the basketball court with dark grey fur. It appeared to be almost as large as a car.
    When I went to wake my parents, it turned to look at me. I was so afraid in that moment that I just went back to sleep in my room, content with my nightmares. © AMidlyCrazyDutchman / Reddit
  • Growing up, my mum always felt uneasy, as if she was being watched while standing by the kitchen window. Though she had no evidence, her gut feeling would tell her something was wrong.

    Then one day, as my mum was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, a young man appeared directly outside the window, staring at her. The young man looked flustered, and my mum, being naive and thinking he was in trouble and needed help, let the man come into the house through the kitchen door. The man started expressing his love for my mum and mentioned that he had been watching her. At this point, my mum threatened to call the police, and the man just left. We never saw him again. © CopperHead49 / Reddit
  • One of my close friends passed away in a car accident when I was in high school. We participated in many after-school activities together. The night before she passed, we had a play rehearsal after school. I was at the vending machine getting a soda when she asked if she could borrow just a dollar so she could get one too and promised she would pay me back later. No problem—I gave her a dollar and went on my way. The next morning, I found out that she had passed away on her way to school.

    Fast forward to several years later, I’m moving, and I start going through some of my old stuff from high school. I’m looking through old pictures and yearbooks when I come across the obituary I had saved from her funeral. I stared at her picture on the front of it for a while. When I opened it to read the inside, a single dollar fell out. She had kept her word. I still have the dollar; I could never bring myself to spend it, and I don’t think I ever will. © Sick__muse / Reddit
  • I was 4 or 5 and had a bunk bed without a second bed underneath, just a cool little cave down there. One night I couldn’t sleep because of strange sounds from underneath. I went to my parents’ room and slept between them.

    My dad didn’t like that and decided to go and sleep in my room after declaring I was making up ghost stories. He came back a bit later, white as snow, saying there was something under my bed. My mom looked, and it was a little bat who had gotten lost in my room and was trying to find its way out. © Papageno_Kilmister / Reddit
  • My siblings and I were at our cousin’s house, and we all decided to go upstairs and play with a Ouija board. We kept getting answers, and eventually, it said it was with us.
    At that moment, our cousin pointed up in terror towards the room straight across the hall, which, to our horror, looked like a man standing in the dark looking at us.

    Everyone got up to run down the narrow staircase as fast as we could, trying to push past each other. The sheer terror I felt, being the last one to come down the stairs, was mortifying. To soothe myself and my young cousin, the other family told us it was just stuffed animals stacked up in a weird way.
    There was nothing there—no stuffed animals, just a blank wall. © itsComplicated000 / Reddit
  • My dad was a fireman, so there were many nights that my brother and I stayed alone with my mom. One night, my mom woke up because she heard banging and shuffling downstairs, so she called the cops and waited in the locked bedroom with us.

    The police arrived, entered the house, and it turns out, my brother’s RC car was on and picking up radio signals or something. It had been banging into the kitchen cabinets and knocked papers off a table. © PuttPuttStuff / Reddit
  • I was driving down my street, coming home after a night out. As soon as I approached my house, I noticed a guy in a suit just standing across the street in the field, looking at my house. Unsettled, I didn’t want to pull into my house at that point, so I drove around my neighborhood. Ten minutes or so later, I drove by again, and he was still there, unmoved. I circled around once more, and after another five minutes, he was still just standing there, staring at my house. At that point, I pulled into my driveway to see what he would do. However, he didn’t even flinch.

    A couple of hours later, he vanished. I have no idea who he was, but it still creeps me out.
    © MatticusPrime127 / Reddit
  • I was about 10 years old. I came home from school, immediately took off my shoes and backpack, and started playing video games. In the house I grew up in, my parents’ bedroom was right above the living room. So, when I heard four distinct footsteps above me, I thought nothing of it because I was so used to hearing my parents walking around. Then, I remembered I was home alone.

    My eyes got wide, I froze, and I wondered what I should do. I decided to go to the kitchen and grab the biggest knife I could find and go upstairs. Cautiously, I walked upstairs into my parents’ bedroom, bathroom, and closet, and there was nothing there.

    My sister, my mom, and I had some pretty weird experiences in this house. Dark figures and the feeling of being watched were normal. My mom even saw a dark figure standing over her and watching her while she was sleeping. © Some-Tall-Guy75 / Reddit
  • My friend and I were walking back to our dorms from the library, and it was getting dark. We started crossing the crosswalk and noticed a guy across from us pushing a stroller. He looked up and waved at us, but neither of us waved back, thinking he might be waving at someone else. We continued crossing, and the guy started crossing too.

    As we passed him, he kept looking at me as if he wanted to say hi but just kept staring. When we were finally on the other side, my friend said, “There was nothing in that stroller.” We decided to walk a little faster after that. © Rainy_in_the_NW / Reddit
  • At 3:30 in the morning, my daughter wakes me up and says her toys are loud, and she can’t sleep. We walk into her room, and 4 or 5 “talking” toys are going off continuously. For example, her Buzz Lightyear is saying “To infinity and beyond!” over and over. A lamb plush that says “I need a hug” when you press its belly is repeating that phrase endlessly. Normally, these toys say their phrases when a button is pressed and then go quiet.

    I grab a toy and hit the off switch, but nothing happens. I run into the laundry room and get a screwdriver so I can take the batteries out of the toys. I run back to her room, and as soon as I walk in, all the toys go silent at once. We did not go back to sleep that night.
    © libralisa26 / Reddit

Children often share unsettling stories about their “past memories.” While we can’t verify their accuracy, these tales can leave us feeling puzzled or scared. And the stories in this article are sure to have a profound impact, transforming your perspective.

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