My Husband Demanded a Paternity Test, and the Results Left Us Both in Shock

A woman shared her dramatic story that couldn’t leave anyone indifferent. After her daughter was born, the new mom couldn’t help but notice that the baby looked nothing like her. She agreed to take a paternity test, but the results left her husband in shock.

What happened.

“I have been married to my husband for 2 years and gave birth to our daughter 5 weeks ago. What happened was that our daughter came out with blonde hair and pale blue eyes, while my husband and I have brown hair and brown eyes.

My husband freaked out at this and refused to listen to my explanation that, sometimes, babies are born with lighter hair and eyes that get darker over time. He demanded a paternity test and threatened to divorce me if I didn’t comply, so I did.”

“After my daughter and I got home from the hospital, my husband went to stay at his parents’ house for the first three weeks to get some space from me while I recovered, and he told them what was happening.

My MIL called and informed me that if the paternity test revealed that the child wasn’t his, she would do anything within her power to make sure that I was ’taken to the cleaners’ during the divorce. I had my sister to lean on and help me take care of the baby during this.

We got the results back yesterday, and my husband came home to view them with me. I was on the couch in the living room, so he sat next to me, and we started to read the results. They showed that he was the father and my husband had this shocked, kinda mortified look on his face with his eyes wide as he stared at it.”

“I couldn’t help but say, ’I told you so,’ and started laughing at the way he looked. My husband snapped out of his shock, and got mad at me for laughing at him. We argued for a bit, which was mainly him yelling at me.

After that, my husband went back to his parents’ house to ’clear his head,’ and two-three hours later, my MIL called to scold me about laughing in my husband’s face, because apparently it was kicking him while he was down.

I don’t think I was wrong, but I’d like outsider perspective on this.”

People took her side.

  • “Not only doesn’t your husband have a basic grasp of genetics, he threw a tantrum and left you immediately after having the baby to struggle alone for almost a month. He’s lucky all you did was laugh in his face.” CrystalQueen3000 / Reddit
  • “My husband and I both have dark brown hair and dark eyes. Our child has blonde and blue eyes. Has your husband never heard of recessive genes?” NomadicallySedentary / Reddit
  • “He owes you a massive apology. Or three. Sorry about your husband and in-laws.” Ok-Explanation-1223 / Reddit
  • “This is insane. He abandoned you postpartum and forced you to take care of a newborn by yourself while healing.
    My husband and I also have a baby that looks nothing like either of us. She came out with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, while we both have brown hair and brown eyes. We both just said wow, genetics are crazy and moved on.” Character_Figure_194 / Reddit
  • “The fact he ran to mummy (twice!) and allows her to send you these texts is disgusting. This is meant to be the happiest moment of your life (bringing a child into the world) and they are ruining it.” _michaelafay / Reddit
  • “Husband sounds very insecure and a momma’s boy. He doesn’t trust you. His family doesn’t trust you. Look how quickly they all turned against you, just because of the way the baby looked. Please get away from these people ASAP.” Equal-Implement-5922 / Reddit

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