15+ Extravagant Neighbors That Make Every Day Special

4 years ago

Neighbors are very sensitive people. They might hate the renovation going on in your apartment, the fence that separates your territories, or even the fact that you like to sleep till noon. They know very well that loud music coming out of your speakers at 11 p.m. is disrespectful to other people, so they will remind you of that. But if it’s their party, they can easily have fun till 3 a.m. Living next to neighbors can be quite surprising, and the stories we’ve compiled in this article prove this point to be true.

Bright Side has found stories proving that life with neighbors can be hard but never boring. We think you’ll have a lot of fun reading about these weird situations.

  • Every Saturday at 6 a.m. my neighbor would play Who Let The Dogs Out as loud as her stereo system would let her... and would actually let her dogs out. All 5 of them. Into her backyard. © cerem86 / Reddit

  • I have actually been a terrible neighbor. Basically, where we lived we would get a lot of snails when it rained — I mean buckets full of them. It was a ritual of my mother’s to go out and collect them all and “dispose” of them. Being a 6-year-old, I absolutely loved snails and would feel really bad for the little guys and would go out and grab as many as I could in order to “save” them, of course, it made sense for me to simply throw them over the fence into my neighbor’s yard where they could go live happily. It was only much later that I overheard a conversation between my neighbor and my mother in which she was saying all her roses had been almost destroyed by snails, the worse part being that they apparently belonged to her husband (the roses) who had passed away so they held a lot of sentimental value. After that, the snails got “released” to the house behind us which belonged to people my mother didn’t like so no harm done. © Sugarbombs / Reddit

  • When we first moved into our current house, we gave our neighbors a set of keys just in case of any emergencies, or if there was something we needed while away on vacation. About 2 months later, our family came home from our trip a day and a half early. We pull up to our house and see a bunch of cars in our driveway, hear the pool and jacuzzi pumps running, and see all the lights on. We see a giant mess in the kitchen, every plate, glass, and piece of silverware we owned scattered about the house. The look on the face of the neighbor’s wife in the jacuzzi was priceless; a combination of utter shock and heightening fear as she saw my 6-foot dad turning red in the face with intensifying anger. Everyone was out in a matter of minutes, and we had the locks changed. We even found loads of their laundry in our washer and dryer. © beachjammer421 / Reddit

  • I have a house. But my neighbors, a husband and wife, have a good house too but they’re really jealous. Once, a friend of mine bought a new car and his garage wasn’t finished yet, so he left it near my house. In the morning, the neighbors got up and saw the car. When they asked me about it, I jokingly said that it was mine. A week later, my friend took the car and the neighbors were really angry. It turned out that they collected all the money they had saved and got a loan from some pretty big bank just to buy a car and be better than me.
    © Dr.Zilbermann / Pikabu

  • People have all sorts of reasons to hate their neighbors but I would have never thought such a thing was possible. 6 months ago, we started a renovation in our apartment — removed the wallpaper but because of the money, the process slowed down and the kitchen remained without it for some time. Our neighbors complained, “Look, every evening when we look into your window, we see that the place is not cozy, quite awful.” © KovshikSwisky / Pikabu

  • Today, for the entire day, I’ve been hearing my upstairs neighbor go insane. He has:
    — screamed
    — laughed like a demon
    — sung Beyoncé songs
    — run around and dropped everything
    — stomped and said, “Stomp!” in a loud voice...
    I think we should be friends. © lessprit / Twitter

“My friend’s neighbor is a balloon artist. This is his balcony.”

  • I used to have a neighbor that put their extra bags of garbage out next to mine. This might not seem like such a big deal, but it was nearly every week, and our municipality had a 2-bag limit — if you had extra bags, you had to put a sticker on them (purchasable for a mere 25 cents) or they would not be picked up. It took a long time to determine who the guilty party was, and a couple of extra bags each week started to add up. I would put on my rubber gloves, open the mystery bags, and sift through them, trying to find identifying information. Because I didn’t want to pay for the garbage, I kept it in my empty garage. Then, one fine August day, it happened! A bill! A bill was in the garbage! A bill with an address on it! I waited for their van to be gone, and then went over to their gate, opened it, and placed all their garbage carefully back in their driveway. Since then, they have never dumped their garbage onto my place or anyone else’s. © Larry_Mudd / Reddit

  • Once, I came into my bathroom to do the laundry and saw streams of water coming down from the ceiling. I ran to the upstairs apartment. A young girl opened the door and she had only a towel on her. A row of burning candles and roses were leading into the bathroom and a young guy walked out. They turned off the water. The next day, she wouldn’t even talk to me about compensation. But soon, when I was coming back from work, I saw her parents with her in the elevator and she went pale. While we were going up, her parents were telling me how busy their daughter was with her studies and she was begging me with her eyes to be quiet. I let her know that I could wait until the next day. The next day, she came by with a box of chocolates and brought some workmen to fix the wall and the ceiling. © Juliabcjb / Pikabu

  • My next-door neighbors threatened to sue us because some of “our” snow ended up on their side of the lawn. I live in Canada and we had about 4 feet of snow on the ground at the time. Pretty sure I’m not responsible for nature. © pecca / Reddit

“Just moved to a new apartment with some interesting neighbors...”

  • My husband and I were coming back home late at night. We were really tired. We put the key into the keyhole but the door wouldn’t open. After 2 minutes of trying, the door next to us opens and we see our upstairs neighbor. After 3 seconds of awkward silence, we ran away laughing. We live in a new building and all the doors are the same. I can’t imagine how the people in the apartment felt when someone wanted to break into their place in the middle of the night. © “Overheard” / VK

  • I live in a dorm. My roommate threw away my tomatoes and said they were bad. I yelled at him because it was a persimmon that I bought the other day. It was the first time he ever saw such a fruit. © “Overheard” / VK

  • A girl living next door came to my place wearing a very short bathrobe. She had a marinated chicken and said she needed to use my oven because hers was broken. I showed her where the oven was and locked myself in the bathroom. How long does it take a chicken to cook? How much longer do I have to be in here? © AnatoliiBomj / Twitter

What funny, unexpected, or infuriating things have happened between you and your neighbors? Are you friends or do you have a tense relationship?


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