I Banned My SIL From Seeing My Baby After She Made a Creepy Joke That Raised Red Flags

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2 months ago

We can never be sure what we’re marrying into family-wise. This makes one’s in-laws a kind of lottery. While some of us are lucky to get a second set of parents or siblings, others end up having new family members who would go so far as to try to steal their baby. That’s exactly what happened to one woman who took to Reddit and told a mind-boggling story of her relationship with her SIL, which grew to an unhealthy shade after the woman gave birth to her baby son.

Everything in the family seemed normal — until one day.

A woman, 26, has recently taken to one of Reddit’s communities to tell a story that provoked many emotions both in her family and among the Reddit users.

She began her post by saying that she had recently become a new mom, and everything in her family was just fine and dandy until she decided it was time for her baby to meet his big family.

The woman wrote, «I, 26F, gave birth to my baby boy last month. I wanted to wait a few weeks before inviting some family over to see him. I invited his sister, brother, and parents. My parents and sister came over. My SIL was fawning and doting on him.»

From the start, the baby’s first meeting with his relatives was going well, but then, to everyone’s surprise, things took an unhealthy turn.

The woman’s SIL demonstrated some appalling behavior.

The woman went on with her story, saying, «When I wanted to feed him, she almost didn’t want to give him to me and was trying to give me pointers and such. I thanked her but told her I had it. She got offended and said, ’Oh, someone who didn’t even want kids has it under control.’»

The woman revealed, «It’s true, my husband and I talked about waiting on kids for about 2 years because neither of us was sure we were ready and wanted to wait. Well, we got pregnant and decided to be parents.»

The woman continued with her story, saying, «I say, ’Excuse me?’ And she says, ’Well, I was thinking since I’ve been trying a little longer than you, and you weren’t even all that sure...maybe I can take him off your hands.’ I called her crazy and told her to get out.»

The woman was left completely in shock after witnessing such entitled behavior.

The woman revealed, «I was shocked and disgusted that she said that, and my husband talked to her and asked why she would think that, and she said it’s not fair that she’s been trying for 3 years, and we didn’t even want our son, and we got pregnant. He told her to never say that again around our son.»

Her husband’s family was trying to explain this incident, but the explanation was just mean. The woman explained, «His mom said she was just kidding, and I’m like...who jokes about something like that?»

The woman added, «I talked to my husband about cameras and changing locks, and he said if that’s what’s going to make me comfortable, then he’ll get on it tomorrow. She will not be around my son alone for a while...I’m taking this very seriously.»

People on Reddit rushed to support the desperate and shocked woman.

The poster’s story resonated with many people on Reddit.

One person expressed their opinion, saying, «Yuck...she was not joking. If I were you, I would set some clear boundaries down. I had trouble getting pregnant for 10 years. I never made family/friends feel that way. She obviously needs help.»

Another person added, «My sister had been trying for 2 years when I found out I was pregnant while I was actively trying to avoid a pregnancy. I was 19 and single, my sister was 24 and married. She was upset when I told her the news, but she NEVER tried to tell me that she deserved my baby. She was even in the delivery room with me, she cut the umbilical cord, and she helped me when I went home after giving birth.
Then she helped me by watching my son when I went back to work. She was taking fertility treatments and still helping me with my son. Karma smiled down on our family though by her finding out she was pregnant when my son was 4 months old — our sons are one year and one day apart in age, and they grew up like brothers.»

Another user wrote, «The boundary is an electric fence with barbed wire.»

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