17 People Who Finally Ran Out of Patience

3 years ago

They say patience is the basis of wisdom. However, even the most enlightened people sometimes have a moment where they can no longer hold back. That’s when some of us start to send furious looks to the world surrounding us, others break things, and some of the special ones try to fit their resentment into the 140 symbols that are allocated for one Tweet.

We at Bright Side focused on the third group and we are pretty sure that they have already cooled down and are now rereading their tweets with a smile on their face.






  • I have long hair. I take care of it by applying masks, balms, and other haircare stuff. At the same time, I don’t use a blow-dryer or a curling iron. I have friends — a husband and a wife. She has short hair and her husband constantly compares my hair and the hair of his wife. He always sets me as an example and calls her hairdo oakum. I have asked him multiple times to stop doing it, but it’s all in vain. I even thought about not visiting them anymore. It’s extremely awkward and annoying. © Overheard / Ideer







  • Last year my girlfriend and I bought an apartment. It was perfect! At first glance, it had no flaws. We felt extremely happy about our purchase during the first week — it even has a school and a kindergarten nearby that our future kids will be able to attend. However, the issue was that our windows were overlooking the school and the kindergarten. And soon my girlfriend and I are going to go crazy from all the shouts we hear every day. © Chamber #6 / Vk







  • I live 1,300 miles away from my parents and I don’t like to visit them. Mom always gathers guests and everyone starts to praise her. Guests tell her what a wonderful woman she is, how she raised 3 kids alone, and brought them up properly. If not for her, her daughter (me) wouldn’t be so successful. At the same time, I am sitting and recalling my psychotherapist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, orthodontist, stylist, coach... It took me 8 years to stop hating myself. Of course, that’s my mother’s merit... sure. © Chamber #6 / Vk

What have you encountered lately that caused a whirl of resentment within you?

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I'm with the guy with in the line. You know what's even more annoying? When you move just one step away to look at something and the person behind you goes just in front of you. I mean CAN YOU NOT? I'm right here!!!


I mean so annoying.. it happens to me a lot in the supermarket and I'm like come on lady please stay back :p


Yeah it's so horrible. It used to happen with me. While I used to stand in the line I used to say to a particular girl to guard my line without taking them. But she never did that and when I asked her for the behaviour of her action , she used to say, "You're not there in the line" It became risky for me not leave the line especially if she and her friends are behind or in front of me especially while going to washroom. She used to complain to the teacher at that moment that I "broke" the line. The teachers won't be convinced and it would turn into an argument and she would scold me and ultimately I had to go at last so as to "maintain the line"!!!!
This used to happen me at school during the 6th to 8th grade.


Mosquitos are the WORST! I mean the biting and the itching and wow just keep it together pal :p

3 years ago
Oops. The comment was captured by a UFO.

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