My Cousins Came to My Wedding With Their Uninvited Kids and Left No Gift

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8 months ago

Occasionally, uninvited guests unexpectedly show up at weddings, surprising the couple and challenging the seating arrangements and catering. Such a situation happened to a Redditor user, and even with all the inconvenience caused, they also came without a present.

I have invited my two cousins and their spouses to my wedding. A total of four were invited. They returned their RSVPs with the two of them and their spouses as coming. (A total of four). When they showed up they each brought their two teenage children so a total of eight people. The venue was able to make extra meals, so they were all able to eat.

I called my mom later to let her know that my cousins (her nephews) left no gift and wanted her to check with them in case I missed something. My mom called them and each stated they didn’t leave a gift with no reason given. They even seemed insulted, but she told them that she was asking in case they opened a gift and didn’t write it down in error. My cousins are in their mid-30s and very well-to-do.

The user got common support from the netizens. Here is what they told:

  • I can’t even imagine going to a wedding without a gift, but that’s one thing if they are just very cheap. It is a completely different thing to bring people to a wedding that we’re not invited to. Rude and tacky! Better_Specialist721 / Reddit
  • I have a wedding coming up from my cousin who was my flower girl at my wedding. Now I have 2 grown children who also have SO’s! So we are a party of 6. I have asked a couple of times if she is sure we are all invited, but she insisted. I fully intend to give a gift enough to cover our meals. Weddings can be expensive! How rude of your cousins. cinnepin / Reddit
  • Seriously I go to barely known acquaintances’ weddings with a gift. Literally, there can be no excuse to attend a wedding without a gift. Even if the bride and groom asked for donations to a chosen charity, your name better show up on the donations in honor of the list. Calm_Brick_6608 / Reddit

We understand that welcoming unexpected guests at your wedding can happen to anyone. Here are the ways of how you can prevent this:

  • Prior to the wedding day, get in touch with the confirmed guest and politely, yet firmly, inform them that it won’t be possible to accommodate the extra person.
  • Add the words “Adult only reception” to your invitation if you don’t want to have children there.
  • If someone wants to invite +1, politely decline by saying, “I’m sorry, but we can’t accommodate extra guests due to budget and space limitations. Thanks for your understanding.”

Welcoming unexpected guests at your wedding might be unpleasant but there are even more embarrassing situations that sometimes happen at ceremonies, for example, when one person declares their objection. Click here to read about such stories.


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