19 Treasure Hunters Who Had a Lucky Day

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Many of us have probably dreamed of going hunting for treasure when we were little. However, some people remain treasure hunters even when they grow up, and they gladly share the results of their adventures with the entire internet. Their photos are so motivating that we want to follow their example and set off on a treasure-hunting adventure ourselves.

“I found this while using my metal detector. It’s not magnetic, doesn’t spark when grinding.”

“It was bronze cast in the Bronze Age. I donated it to the museum for further tests.”

“A coin I found today”

“I don’t know what is going on. I’m shocked, amazed, and stupefied.”

  • What a find if it checks out to be a Cartier gold bracelet. It definitely would cover the cost of your detector. © nwburbschi / Reddit

“My husband found his first gold ring today. It’s stamped 18K.”

  • Not to be a downer, but it reminds me of a ring I found a few months back. That one was also marked “18K,” but I did an acid test and it wasn’t real gold. © GogglesPisano / Reddit

“Week 2 of metal detecting! I found a class ring. I’m in contact with the owner to return it. The ring was in the ground for 42 years.”

“Roman tweezers I found in Norway. One of my oldest finds, and it’s not broken! 2,000 years in the ground in a field!”

“I found this 10K moose ring at a camping lake.”

“A skull ’pirate ring’ I found in Germany today”

“It has taken me 4 years now of this awesome hobby to have just about filled my cabinet.”

“I took my nephew metal detecting for the first time, and this is what he found. Of course, I let him keep it all.”

“My father-in-law found this on the beach. A Spanish coin believed to be 1500/1600.”

“I just pulled this from my yard in Maryland. It beats the 200 roofing nails I usually dig up.”

“Beach hunt a couple days ago.”

“I’ve no idea what I dug up today. Looks like big scissors or something.”

“My first valuable find. Tiffany necklace with silver chain and gold and silver rings. I was super excited to pull this up today!”

“My first gold diamond ring!”

“What is this? I think it’s bronze and it’s probably Roman.”

“I found this in the woods. Any ideas on age and what it’s made of?”

“Last Saturday I was contacted by a woman who had lost a pair of earrings and a wedding ring that had been in her family for over a 100 years.”

“She came to town to help her son move, and lost them while walking his dog. She asked me to find them as they were very important to her. Because she had already returned home, the best she could do was set me up with a map of the area she was in and the routes she had taken while walking the dog. Her path on the map had to have covered at least 2 miles around an apartment complex with loads of foot traffic, across a busy street, and through the open fields of a middle school.

It would have taken me days to thoroughly search everywhere she had been, and the odds of someone stumbling across it before I did were pretty high. Luck was on my side, though, because it only took 8 hours between yesterday and today of searching in rain, hail, and snow to finally find them. I was cold, soaked, and ready to pack it in when I decided to search one last stretch on my way back to the truck, and sure enough, they were probably within 20 feet from where I had parked.”

Preview photo credit RigaMortizTortoise / Reddit


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