18 People Proved That Thrift Stores Sometimes Offer Treasure for Pennies

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Quite often, going to the thrift store leads to an interesting buy or finding almost a treasure. The people from today’s compilation shared photos of the amazing finds they got for mere pennies.

“Bought these in a thrift sore. Here’s what I saw after I cleaned them. Paid $15 for both.”

“I know it’s probably fake, but let me pretend for just a second.”

  • Definitely real crocodile leather, and in great shape! Not a vintage Hermès expert, but based off the details and leather, I’d say it’s authentic/pre-1970. What an incredible find!!! Congrats!!! © Comfortable_Toe9618 / Reddit

“Got this beauty in a thrift store today for $50. It’s so pretty and in such great shape, I couldn’t pass it up!”

“I found this at my local flea market for $5, and I’m in love.”

  • I’m also in love. There is something special a beautiful table lamp brings to the ambiance of a room. Would also make a sweet night light for a nursery. © Mary_the_penguin / Reddit

“Got these 2 little stained-glass hangings for $1 each today.”

“The colors and patterns mix and match. My clothes are all second-hand.”

“Can’t afford an actual Le Corbusier chair, but I can afford to thrift this mini version!”

  • It’s a vintage miniature collectible from a brand called Raine. They made a ton of other popular designs too! © mskeri / Reddit

“A catch and release canvas suitcase”

“I have no idea if it’s real, but I don’t care because it fits me, and it’s comfy.”

“Been to one thrift shop in my entire life and this was what I bought, he’s a good boy.”

“I bought this brand new leather jacket still with the tags for only 2 bucks at the local thrift store.”

“A Diesel pink leather belt bag with ball and chain straps. A ’90s dream for $6.”

“Found these pants with sleeves.”

“Got this set of 4 snack bowls that looks very much like shirts I would wear.”

“Found this gorgeous 100% wool coat at a charity shop for only $11.”

“Excited to find Ray Bans for $2.99!”

“A vintage Ferragamo bag for $2.50 at my local thrift store! I assumed it was fake, but after some research, I think it might be authentic!”

“I got blessed by the thrift gods! I needed new activewear and got 2 Girlfriend Collective leggings for $10, and a champion top for $4.”

“As I was leaving I found a 100% cashmere cardigan for $8, but get this — it retails $315 still on the website!! Today was my lucky day.”

What do you think about thrift stores? What’s the best thing you’ve bought there?

Preview photo credit Niebieskideszcz / Reddit


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