16 Pics That Left a Big Smile on Our Faces

2 years ago

The simplest of things can leave us beaming ear to ear with happiness, especially when it’s a love story. Despite their challenges in life, these people prove that self-love and family are crucial for persevering through tough times. The results left us celebrating their success and joy with them, as our hearts are filled with happiness.

At Bright Side, we believe it’s important to share the happy moments in our lives, so we’re spreading the good vibes of these wonderful souls with you all.

1. “I’d be so so happy to go back in time and tell this little girl that HE made it out alive!”

“She was so strong for us both. I am forever in debt to the vessel I was before the vessel I embody today. So happy.”

2. “My grandma raised me because my mom couldn’t. She’s literally the kindest, most loving person I’ve ever met. I love you, Meme!”

3. “My buddy and me at Disneyland 2007 vs 2021, a 14-year difference”

4. “My baby trying to escape the car to play with a baby in another car”

5. “Seeing the look of joy on my grandma’s face and how much love my children have for her is such a beautiful moment!”

6. “My grandson is a month old today, and he is one happy little feller.”

7. “5 generations: my great-grandma, grandma, dad, brother, and his new daughter (my niece)”

8. “My brother has a window in his gate for dogs.”

9. “A road sign in Kent (UK)”

10. “Today was my last day of veterinary school! I’m now a fully licensed vet! Never give up!”

11. “That moment when you realize your 8-month-old has gotten too quiet and you turn around to see this...”

12. “This is my cat. Her name is October...she looks like a derpy muppet. The end.”

13. “Mutual love is the happiest feeling I’ve ever felt. I love my wife.”

14. “30 years in between, but happiness comes full circle, then and now.”

15. “Found my new best friend.”

16. “Was searching for a photo of mine with Ted Danson to show my friend and I found out we had an extra one in the photo.”

What is your biggest achievement that made you feel like you were on top of the world? Who would you like to thank in your life?

Preview photo credit zoinksb**** / Reddit


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