People Decided to Share Pics of Their Wives, and We Couldn’t Love Them More

2 years ago

Marriage is just like aged cheese — if it’s taken care of properly, the flavor builds and matures over time. These 16 husbands prove that true love has no limits. You can pull faces and look awkward or funny and still be the most beautiful and adorable wife in the world.

Bright Side will show you some examples of matches made in heaven.

1. “My wife during the horah dance at our wedding”

2. “Started collecting pictures of my wife falling asleep in various places.”

3. “The first picture we ever were in together, then 7 years later — we met in MMA class.”

4. “My wife and newborn giving each other the side eye”

5. “Here is my wife and her reaction to: ’Come on baby, it’s for internet points.’”

6. “A photo of my wife — it was some illusion, she’s 5’7”."

7. “Find someone who loves you the way my wife and cat love each other.”

8. “My wife just finished making this quilt. She’s pretty awesome.”

9. “My wife made a face and I knew I’d seen it somewhere before.”

10. “My wife, before riding a new roller coaster”

11. “My wife said no one will get this costume. Joke’s on her, one person did!”

12. “My wife’s birthday is today! Here’s one of my presents.”

13. “My wife sent me this selfie today. I like to think ‘Jeff’ is yelling at her to frig off.”

14. “My wife with Danny DeVito at Coachella in 2007”

15. “I think my wife was a little dramatic about her head cold.”

16. “My dog, using my wife as a pillow”

When and how often does your partner take pictures of you? Do you like how they turn out?

Preview photo credit DaProblemSolva / Reddit


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