16 Pics That’ll Make You Seriously Wonder What’s Going On

2 years ago

Some things we simply cannot logically explain, leaving us stumped for an answer, like the coincidence of your newborn baby looking exactly like the doll from a parenting class. What really confuses our mind though is the unexplainable, like a tentacled monster appearing from a building or a car filled with grass. Such sights make life even more interesting and imaginative by keeping us guessing.

Because at Bright Side we appreciate the wacky, different sides of life, we’re sharing some pictures to ignite your imagination with their strangeness.

1. “My twin nieces looking scary! They always do this if I leave my computer for 5 seconds...”

2. “The baby on the left is a doll from our parenting class. The baby on the right is our daughter.”

3. We can only guess what is happening here...

4. “My neighbor bought a lot of walnuts.”

5. “This truck bed full of carrots I found today”

6. “Speed limit in Deadhorse, Alaska”

7. “It was raining today, and some of the trees were foaming.”

8. “This car in Brooklyn”

9. “My university’s staff is required to post throwaway equipment before trashing it.”

“This one said, ’The College of Public Health has an inflatable colon available.’”

10. “This kid’s mini Range Rover parked on a New York City street got a parking ticket.”

11. “A single rocking chair at a rural airport”

12. “My iPod Touch fourth generation is disabled for 23,221,690 minutes, or around 44 years.”

“I think I know the password, and I’ll be waiting.”

13. “Body heat making it look like little ghosts floating at the bus stop”

14. “We found a rock on our walk.”

15. This garbage can’s shadow

16. “The view from my desk this morning:”

“I guess if the elder gods have come to destroy the world, at least they’re starting with Coventry, UK.”

What is the strangest coincidence you’ve experienced? What inexplainable thing have you seen while out and about?

Preview photo credit DonsGarage / Imgur


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