20+ Photos That Prove the Clock Is Ticking for Everything

3 years ago

Time is equally merciless to both — people and things. The former get old while the latter wear out. But sometimes time changes objects beyond recognition, practically making them works of art.

At Bright Side, we were curious to look at the objects that have passed through the test of time.

Mussels served up like in a haute cuisine restaurant — Shoe Covered in Mussels on the Beach

— Actually, they are edible, but I wouldn’t touch them.

— I was too scared to touch it, having heard what can be inside washed-up shoes.

“11 years’ worth of hiding my mistakes”

— Wait, you kept an eraser for 11 years? Mine won’t even do their task properly after 2 months of being unwrapped! I envy you stranger, I envy you.

— I know your pain — this is the only one I’ve had that has never dried out!

“I carried this glasses case in my pocket every day for a year or so.”

“The water filter installed in September against a new one I’m installing today.”

“The left plate was used regularly for 23 years. The right plate was never used in 23 years.”

“The one on the left is a bit of a prized childhood possession of mine, so my girlfriend got me the entire set off eBay for my birthday. I thought it was pretty interesting how truly worn out my original one looks.”

“New shoes vs Old ones”

“The geyser coffee maker that was used almost daily for 4 years on the left vs A new one on the right”

“This is my great-grandfather’s British Army issue pocket watch along with the German bullet that it stopped in France in 1914.”

“The wear on my old hat really shows when compared to the same new hat I got.”

“I found an old Pepsi can in the park.”

The backpack on the left spent 2 and a half years in the Pilbara desert.

“This Lego piece was half covered for around 3 decades.”

This boot covered in moss looks like a work of art.

“A spider made a web on my Spider-Man.”

“My sisters and I put this rock between these tree limbs about 10 years ago.”

“A new sewing needle vs The sewing needle after 4 months of sewing”

“I found this old skeleton key with my metal detector.”

“My wood-fired oven brush after a year of heavy use vs A new one”

“Last Christmas I got 2 pillows and used one of them every night for a year.”

“I found this deteriorated combination lock at the beach.”

“This was my great-grandfather’s soup thermos. I guess it’s getting close to 100 years old.”

“New apron after 9 months of part time work”

“Thanks for never leaving me in the dark!”

“This newel post cap shows wear and tear from 100 years of people slamming their hip into it.”

Do you have old things that time has worked its magic on? Show them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit hjw5774 / Reddit


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