19 People Who Managed to Capture a Photo of Time Itself

3 years ago

Time changes everything around us: nature, our homes, our things, and even us. Sometimes, we don’t notice this change but at other times, the change is so striking that it’s scary and amazing at the same time.

We at Bright Side have found 19 photos that clearly demonstrate how fast time goes by.

1. “I lost the crease on my ring finger after not bending it for 10 years due to an injury.”

2. “Pillow I slept on nightly for 7 years vs A new one”

3. “After years of wearing socks my father’s shins have become hairless.”

4. “I chipped years of paint build-up of an old trestle at work.”

5. “White lace curtains after being smoked around for over 20 years”

6. “Some knives obviously used in my family for generations”

7. “An almost 10-year-old ninja turtle backpack vs A new one”

8. “If your wife isn’t sure that power washing the fence is worth it, then ’accidentally’ clean your shovel when it’s leaning up against the fence.”

9. “Old and new passport”

10. “My dad has worn this spoon down over 30 years from scraping the bottom of pots and pans.”

11. “Over the years, this swinging door has etched a semicircle into the floor.”

12. “Rubber wedding ring: 2 years of daily wear next to a new one”

13. “Water from runoff has carved out a path in the sidewalk.”

14. “My 4-year-old leather case and my brand new one. It started out as the same color.”

15. “After years of spraying, we replaced the tabletop.”

16. “Stone step from London’s oldest coffee house”

17. “After 15 years, finally decided to detail my headlight!”

18. “My translucent Pink Floyd t-shirt”

19. “The outline of this guys’ ring on his finger. The skin is totally smooth inside, but calloused outside.”

Have you ever seen the imprint of time on your things or your body?

Preview photo credit reddiculousity / reddit


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why would you get a rubber wedding ring if it wears out so fast


I didn't know there were rubber wedding rings out there. That one looks pretty cool :)


well, it does look interesting. But I just don't see a reason to get something like this because then you will have to renew it every 2-3 years


The person who had that wooden spoon was definitely not willing to replace it till the end 🤣


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