10+ Designers Who Couldn’t Control Their Own Imagination, and Their Fails Are Hard to Forget

10 months ago

When a designer loses focus, his imagination breaks free and creates things that can’t be explained rationally. For example, hipster-looking ducklings, walls with an imitation of rust, and psychedelic carpets. The human imagination can do wonderful things.

Bright Side has collected a list of creations of people whose imagination got the best of them.

This is not rust. “It’s the design.”

Hot dog and pizza: 2 in 1. What’s next? A watermelon with jam? A salad with cream?

And how do you drink from this cup?

He might not even turn into a Prince after you give him a kiss...

“These toilet signs in Taiwan — which way to go...?”

A bench at the train station

“This soup bowl that was very hard to carry and was very difficult to get the last bit of soup out of.”

Useless access ramp

Why does this minion cake with one eye have 2 eyebrows?

Winter is coming.

When you have several spare doors:

“I’ve always dreamed of going to Aaris.”

When you need to lose weight quickly:

Bonus: An artist creates fake stickers and people still want to buy these things...

Which of these things did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit Ryuj1san / Reddit


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The main feature is the bench is not ment to be like that it's because of works going on at the level above.


The hotdog stuffed pizza is actually a thing in pizza hut. And also... how and why taiwan?


If only there was a letter in the place name PAris that looked like the Eiffel Tower.


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