20 People Who Have a Special Relationship With “Bad Luck”

2 years ago

Our life is made of moments. Sometimes we have situations where everything is really bad and even the tiniest of things can make us feel super irritated. But no matter who (or what) has tried to spoil your mood (people, things, or weather conditions) we need to remember that any black cloud is always followed by a blue sky.

We all are human, and we at Bright Side are also well aware of what failures are because no one is safe from them. The characters of our compilation found the energy and cast out all their negativity to the internet, and they felt much better afterward.

1. “What I requested and what I got. Cost me $150. Where is the justice? ”

2. “I just found out this isn’t me... My parents never took out the stock photo and it’s been there for like 10 years.”

3. “When your cabinet decides it’s time to break loose and come crashing down the day you install your brand new glass-top stove.”

4. “Getting back to my seat after a bathroom break.”

5. “Pressure washed the tiles”

6. “This only happens when I’m already angry.”

7. “My knife broke when I tried to cut the watermelon I just bought, just to find out that it went bad.”

8. “Walked outside to leave for work today, and some kind individual stole all my wheels... Happy Holidays!”

9. “You only have one exercise for homework for tomorrow...”

10. “I need to go back to bed, it’s just gonna get worse.”

11. " At least the shipping was free."

12. “Kid opened otherwise perfectly sorted art supplies upside-down.”

13. “My dog had to stay in the car while we took the ferry.”

14. A perfect plan for the future

15. “The disgraceful way my burrito was wrapped”

16. “My wife said to measure the door, I told her all doors are the same size...”

17. “Watch until the end...”

18. “Tried to wash my pillows... they exploded and filled my washing machine with sticky blue and green pillow fluff.”

19. “The dinner my husband was cooking for 3 hours”

20. “Made a gingerbread house yesterday. Went to dinner and came back to find my dog ate it. Happy New Year!”

"A photo of the gingerbread homewrecker"

How do you cope with emotions when everything doesn’t go the way you planned?


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It's funny how the gingerbread had the number "2020" on it. Maybe that's why they had bad luck....


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