15 Photos That Prove You Need Very Little to Show Off Your Creativity

2 years ago

You only need 2 cats and the right color lipstick for a low-budget cosplay of Cruella. It also turns out that you can make a new sweater out of dryer fluff. You can show off your creativity anywhere, anytime and you don’t need big money to do it.

We at Bright Side appreciate art and would like to share 15 people who got creative, with almost nothing!

1. Cats cuddling around your head can become a nice low-budget cosplay.

2. “I made a dress out of the leaves in my garden.”

3. “Boredom after work has led me to start making these and dropping them off at random peoples driveways to hopefully boost some spirits.”

4. “My mom made this Lindor chocolate wrapper dress for my senior prom!”

5. “This took more mandarins than I was prepared to eat.”

6. “I made a sweater out of dryer fluff, so I could rightfully say that all my garments and towels together have brought forth a whole new garment.”

7. “I created this sand raking art on the beach.”

8. Robot puppy made out of old stuff

9. “My universal knife block”

10. “Hand-embroidered swoosh crewneck”

11. “Spooky season is coming up!”

12. “My parents planted an apple tree when I was born. Sadly, the tree died a few weeks ago, so I made a bookshelf out of it.”

13. “I painted these boots to make my dream disco shoes.”

14. “I made a lamp out of some driftwood I found at the beach, pretty simple but I like it.”

15. “I invented my own alphabet and turned it into a font for a book I made!”

What was the last thing you created with your own hands? Who is your favorite artist? Please share your opinion with us!

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I created a pen holder out of plastic bottle in a form of bunny...
My favourite artist is Justin Bieber.


the last one is very cool! sadly no one can speak it haha


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