15 People Whose Fails Turned Into a Bunch of Laughter

2 years ago

It’s been said that you cannot always get what you want. Sometimes we’re gearing up for one result but, in the end, we get something completely different than what we expected. The cool part about this is when we look for copper and find gold. These people here found pure gold by failing and reminding us that a good laugh can save anyone’s day.

We at Bright Side want to share with you that a situation is not too dark when you see it with different eyes. All these stories started with a very different mission, but ended up brightening our days in a very funny way.

1. “When you buy a pan and promise your daughter Peppa Pig pancakes.”

2. “Visited my girlfriend’s side of the family. I think it turned out well.”

3. “I was trying to take a picture of my sleeping cat but I ended up scaring her instead.”

4. “I tried being romantic and ended up creating a cult.”

5. “Doesn’t matter how hard I tried, this cookie came out judging me big time.”

6. “So, I tried to make a malt cake. Bottom picture is how it was meant to turn out, top picture shows what I made.”

7. “Was so excited for this perfect pastry... And then...”

8. “I moved while a panoramic photo was being taken, and ended up looking like a Picasso painting.”

9. “I made my niece an Ariel cake for her third birthday and it came out looking like a zombie. I see no future for myself in cake decorating.”

10. “This smiley face pancake I made ended up looking like Wilson.”

11. “Posing with a drink vs trying the drink. Turns out I don’t like matcha.”

12. “I look like a child playing dress up in my dad’s suit.”

13. “I let my cousin cut my hair. Turns out I’m a Beltcher.”

14. “I tried to grow my own pineapple, but unfortunately my dad skill isn’t high enough yet.”

15. “My wife’s felting project”

Have you experienced a situation that turned out to be unexpectedly different? Share your story here with us!

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