20+ Smart People That Put Every Inch of Their Apartments to Use

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2 years ago

When you realize that you have way too many bottles in your bathroom and way too many clothes in the closet, it’s time to do something about the space you have at home. You can ask professionals for help or try to do it yourself. The most important thing is to be patient.

Internet users talk about how they manage to keep their places clean and make more space in their apartments. And we at Bright Side are eager to show you these simple yet genius ideas.

How to place all the bottles under the sink

“Someone gave me this tip before I got married — rolled towels. For some reason, it seems to stay neater!”

“Finally tamed the spice cabinet with some pull-out organizers.”

“A new wall makeup organizer that gets everything off my countertops!”

“I doubled up on bathroom closet storage by using stackable drawers.”

Closet shelf dividers are a game-changer!

“You know those little plastic containers that razor refills come in? Turns out they make excellent organizers for miniature compacts/single shadows!”

“Maximizing cabinet doors — spices go on the left and measuring spoons and cups go on the right.”

“Using these PVC bags for games and puzzles is life-changing!”

When you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for all the bottles:

“Needed to organize my pen collection. A few cell phone boxes later, and I’m pleased with the results.”

“Combining my passion for makeup with science”

“Such a better use of space above my washer/dryer”

“Organized my sister’s and my menstrual products, plus a toothpaste box that fits nicely. It took 45 minutes.”

  • Even a stranger will now know where to find what they need. I mean, it’s so beautifully organized. © MayaR27 / Reddit

“It’s my favorite little cart for between my desk and the wall. Great for storing all the beauty products I need!”

“I found the coolest organization hack for my hats, and I save so much space now.”

Magnetic cable organization

“I had a pack of straws for years. I finally put them to good use! Use them to store your necklaces or bracelets and they’ll never tangle! I store them and travel with them like this.”

“For people who live alone and have little/no storage in their bathrooms: I got a cute basket to hold lots of TP to put next to the toilet because nobody is going to hand it to me if I forget.”

“I got this frog biscuit tin today, but since I don’t have any biscuits and my boyfriend has no bathroom storage, she’s now my period product holder.”

“This helps keep track of bobby pins! I noticed this in our bathroom, my wife is a genius!”

Which of these tips do you like the most? Do you have any life hacks for how to use space more efficiently?

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Some of these pictures made me think: how needs an individual such a lot of stuff?! I own 4 sweaters, 6 blouses, 3 trousers. I have 8 towels in the cabinet. 5 pens in the drawer. I bet the woman with the shelf dividers only wears 5% of her clothes. - Live is so much more easier when you clear your space!


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