17 People Who Clearly Didn’t Think Their Actions All the Way Through

2 years ago

When it comes to dealing with emotions, analyzing things too much can confuse people about how they really feel. Going with your gut feeling can be a lot faster and more accurate. However, when it comes to our actions, it seems that the opposite is necessary. Thinking things through before doing them can be super beneficial on many occasions.

Bright Side is still in awe of these 17 photos that show how sometimes people don’t think enough about their actions.

1. The seat will stay dry for whoever is stealing it.

2. “The interns at my friend’s office sure are special.”

3. Doesn’t look very practical.

4. When someone wants to “print screen” but hasn’t read the memo:

5. “My brother put a chopping board under the pizza to catch the stuff it drops.”

6. “This man taking up 5 seats on a train in England on possibly the hottest day the UK has seen”

7. “Up the drain it goes.”

8. “When you’re willing to risk your safety and life for a few likes on Instagram.”

9. “The owner of this brand new Jaguar believed he was too important to sit in traffic.”

10. That won’t be fun to clean.

11. “My friend drilled holes in his mouse to make it lighter so it would give him an ’advantage.’”

12. “First day on the job: I set up those 4 wireless speakers for you.”

13. “This backroad near my house”

14. “Customer said his phone wasn’t charging properly as the battery was too cold. He thought ’warming’ it on a toaster was a good idea.”

15. “Real life imitates street signage.”

16. “When they expose the power source for the security camera:”

17. “A girl at my school used her iPhone to keep a door open.”

Have you ever done something that you knew wasn’t right or you thought about it later and realized you could have done it differently?

Preview photo credit Yanimator_16 / reddit


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