15 Designs That Are Both Practical and Outside the Box

2 years ago

Some designs are the absolute opposite of “design fails.” They make you go full-on “I never thought I needed more of this in my life” mode and for good reason. You’d never thought that a mom might feel the need to have fun on a swing until you see a swing set designed for both the parent and the child.

Bright Side collected 15 designs that walk a fine line between useful and brilliant.

1. “A solar park bench with USB charging ports”

2. “This park made a swing set for parents to swing with their babies.”

3. “An IV bag plant watering thing I saw at my doctor’s office”

4. “This water bottle has a small Matterhorn in it.”

5. “A stair runner featuring fish swimming up the blue carpet”

6. “In Italy, they get free water in little towns. You can choose between water with gas, cooled, or regular.”

7. “The elevator at my work has buttons you can press with your feet if you have something in your hands.”

8. “This message that’s stamped on the squeaker inside the stuffed animal my dog just destroyed”

9. “Nora the salmon made from garbage on beaches”

10. “How the chiropractor I went to today is effectively using their damaged sign”

11. “Ever been snitched on by a cardboard box?”

12. “This holder for my Oreos”

13. “Found this gem on the packaging for Kinjabang spicy noodles.”

14. A bus named “Jabba the Bus”

15. “This 1.5-liter water bottle”

Which of these designs seems the most useful to you? Maybe you’d like to see some of these implemented more? Share your opinion in the comments!


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I believe this fish could be even bigger with all the garbage people throw away...


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