20 Times Reality Exceeded Customers’ Expectations Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

2 years ago

On the internet, the phrase “expectation and reality” has become associated with disappointment, especially when it comes to shopping. But life is full of surprises — there are huge discounts or free gifts in stores, you may come across a unique expensive item at a flea market, and sometimes the things you order will look exactly like they did in the advertisement. All of this proves that everyone can get lucky.

We at Bright Side are sure that reality can offer many positive examples. And here are just a few of them.

“Exactly what I expected!”

“I bought some suspiciously perfect bananas yesterday.”

“This brooch is a white whale of mine — 14K gold and pink coral for $3.99. Also, it goes with a 10K white gold pin and a vintage Mignon Faget fish pendant.”

Double luck — price and appearance

Appetizing and delicious!

Brooch in the shape of a pike based on a sketch

“Custom order. The pastry chef told me that it was difficult to draw the pentagons correctly and connect them without gaps. But the result is worth it!”

“At first, it seemed that the packaging was transparent.”

“I ordered a cake that looked like my daughter’s favorite toy. She liked the gift so much that, at first, the birthday girl was sorry to eat it.”

“The cake shop gave my wife some cupcakes for free to help her choose which cake to order.”

“These are the best cookies if you like a combination of coconut, caramel, and chocolate. My husband is addicted to them!”

Chocolate with hazelnuts or hazelnuts in chocolate?

This is delicious!

“I expected one piece instead of 2. Complete victory!”

This girl went to a flea market looking for a bag and bought a vintage 1950s model for $6.

An easy way to prepare a delicious dinner in a few minutes.

“I ordered eyes for toys and shared a link to the store with readers of one of the forums. The package on the left is a purchase, the rest are the gifts.”

“I often noticed when I went to Japan that the goods looked exactly like what was on the packaging there.”

“I liked the picture of a cow and decided to try this ice cream. It’s perfect.”

Wedding figurines made in accordance with sketches from the bride

“I’m not good at drawing. I was afraid that from these sketches that the seamstress wouldn’t understand what dolls I needed for the wedding. But when I received the ready-made rabbits, my eyes began to water. She added some details — blush, a necklace, and buttons. She made the groom’s suit from a more textured fabric — corduroy. The rabbits’ paws can be bent, this couple can sit, stand, and walk! I feel that the seamstress put her heart and soul into them.”

Let’s break stereotypes — purchases are not only unsuccessful! We look forward to hearing your stories about your best shopping experiences.

Preview photo credit paigebennettblack / Reddit


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That football cake is amazing! I'm sure they didn't expect the cake to look this good when they placed the order.. you may say the shapes are a bit off and not perfectly alligned but you can't expect perfection 😉


Always nice to get what is advertised, we often see articles on here where the opposite happens :D


I went to the store a little while ago and bought a box of chips and there were twice as many Doritos than there was supposed to be!


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