16 People That Did Something Silly and Laughed at It

2 years ago

We all make mistakes sometimes, and some people don’t even notice them. And while some mistakes are nothing but inattentiveness or forgetfulness, others make people around laugh and feel uncomfortable.

We at Bright Side have prepared a compilation of users’ stories about people that made some really awkward mistakes.

“I sent my mom this photo of my yard not realizing the tiny chair I got for my cat was in the frame, and she thought it was a pregnancy announcement.”

“Headed to the airport and halfway there, I looked down. Thanks for the Father’s Day gift, kids, the slippers are very comfortable.”

“My second attempt at a dress, second fail.”

“When you customize the order, it defaults to no cheese and no sauce. I didn’t notice it until I got home.”

“I came to my parents’ work. My dad’s colleague said he knew a lot about dogs and wanted to be a vet when he was a kid. He noticed our labrador wasn’t pure bred.”

“I ordered chicken wings for dinner and got a box of only veggies and sauce.”

“So I walk into the bathroom and this girl stops me from entering and says, ’Sorry, I couldn’t help but notice your earrings, are you from Texas??’ These are the earrings I was wearing.”

A groundskeeper accidentally sprayed weed killer instead of fertilizer on a school’s football field.

“I’ve never done something more careless than this, I could’ve burned my whole house down by just putting a plastic cover over my ham that I put into the oven.”

“The wife sent me to the store for sugar on my way home and I didn’t realize what happened until I went to put it in the trunk. Figured I’d share my misery.”

“I asked my dad if he could sharpen some pencils for my exam today, and this is what I got.”

“My dad thought it was a good idea to get up early before everyone else and pick some peaches. They weren’t even close to being ready.”

“Invited my parents for dinner and they rang the door at the worst possible moment.”

“Putting these shoes in the dryer was a bad idea.”

“My dad helped put in a new toilet at his office today.”

“For 2 days, people were scared of the weird brown thingy on the tree and didn’t open their windows. One lady was so scared, she called an animal protection service.”

When the inspectors arrived, they realized it wasn’t an animal, it was a croissant thrown out of the window.

Have you ever been in situations when someone did something wrong and you felt really embarrassed?

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Once I was eating potatoes and thought, these potatoes taste like French fries.


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