20+ Pictures That Totally Give Our Eyes Pleasure

2 years ago

According to a study, people with cleaner houses are fitter and healthier than those who live in clutter. And besides its health benefits on the body, cleaning and organizing can also play a big role in boosting our mood and making us feel more relaxed. And we might even find it equally liberating to scrape off the grease from an old pan, just as we do when we remove the residue of trouble that worries our minds.

We at Bright Side can’t get enough of a sparkling clean sight or a perfect fit. We’ll share some photos of objects, spaces, and situations that will make you feel instantly better.

1. ’’My roommates thought the sink was permanently stained. I got bored in quarantine and proved them wrong.’’

2. ’’This is how my local tire shop keeps their used tires.’’

3. What a little water can do

4. ’’What soaking in vinegar for 30 minutes can do’’

5. ’’My coworker fits perfectly behind this book.’’

6. ’’They’re cleaning this fountain just next to Red Square.’’

7. ’’This leaf fit my sneaker perfectly during my morning walk.’’

8. What 2 hours of extensive cleaning can do

9. ’’My trusty shoes before/after some much-needed maintenance’’

10. ’’The shape of my fried egg aligned perfectly with the slice of sourdough toast.’’

11. ’’The before and after pic when I sorted my chalk’’

12. ’’How perfectly my parents’ cat fits in his perch’’

13. ’’The before/after of a property we cleaned up today’’

14. ’’My wrapping paper’s pattern matched up perfectly on this box.’’

15. ’’My mattress before and after getting shaved’’

16. A little scrubbing can go a long way.

17. ’’A mango vortex for your pleasure’’

18. ’’My shirt lined up perfectly with the mountain.’’

19. ’’My company is renovating an old building, and they decided to power wash it today.’’

20. ’’30 years of grease and grime’’

21. ’’Before and after my first wash job’’

Do you enjoy the process of cleaning? Do you agree that having decluttered surroundings can really help in giving us peace of mind?

Preview photo credit ghostof-nothing/Reddit


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